3 Leeds Businesses With Amazing Offices

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Leeds is one of the most exciting cities in the UK for business, especially when it comes to tech and digital. With big brands such as Sky, Jet2 and Asda all housing their headquarters in the city, it’s no wonder that the Yorkshire capital is home to some inspiring office spaces. From open play layouts to break-rooms where employees can kick back, employees UK-wide are realising that rewarding their staff with comfortable working environments will result in a better office wellbeing.

We’ve rounded up three Leeds businesses who have amazing offices. Let’s take a look.

1. Sky

Entertainment giant Sky’s HQ can be found at Wellington Place, and looks as striking as you’d expect for such a big name. Designed by BDG Architecture & Deisgn, the office provides a space for the Sky Academy graduates to flourish. An industrial colour scheme sees splashes of colour injected through the furniture and building features, such as the vibrant steel staircases that feature throughout each of the buildings. Graffiti art helps to bring a positive and contemporary pace to the workspace. Oh, and there’s a pool table, obviously. 

2. Leeds United

It’s unsurprising that Leeds United FC’s Elland Road head office is something special. The design reflects the football club’s history and offers a quirky, sports-themed space that aims to motivate and inspire the club’s staff. At the heart of the office is, naturally, a football pitch, which is overlooked by the chairman’s office. A colourful breakout room gives staff a fun way to kick back and catch up on the latest sporting news. Any Leeds fan would be proud to work in such a space, with the club’s trademark yellow splashed throughout the building. 

3. Duke Studios

Duke Studios is a collaborative space based in the city centre. The space’s co-working model provides facilities for individuals and companies who work in the creative industries. With a colourful, quirky interior that features picnic benches, fake grass and cosy beanbags, the collaborative space offers a welcoming space for like-minded creatives to share their ideas. Members of the studios work across a range of industries including web development, record labels and film making. Wow!

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