3 Coolest Tech Companies in Liverpool

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Liverpool’s tech scene is thriving, with the trendy Baltic Triangle area home to a blossoming startup scene. Although the north was never traditionally considered a tech hub in the same way cities like London and Cambridge have, there is an increasing number of tech companies in and around northern cities, with Liverpool no exception. We’ve rounded up three of the coolest technology companies in Liverpool, taking a look at what they do and why it works.

1. vTime

No, it’s not The Sims – vTime is the first VR social network that allows anyone, anywhere to socialise with their friend and family in virtual reality. Using just a smartphone and a VR headset, or a tethered headset such as the Oculus Rift, vTime allows you to meet, chat and interact with friends in breathtaking virtual locations. Users create their own avatar, which they can personalise to make look like them, or however they want it to be styled. You can also upload your own 360 photographs, allowing you to sort of climb into your own memories. Creepy, huh. vTime’s HQ is based in the Baltic Triangle, and the team is led by senior veterans from Evolution Studios and Sony Studio Liverpool. Their swanky office boasts 360 views of Liverpool, naturally.

2. SwapBots

Sticking with a similar theme, SwapBots are collectible toys that use augmented reality to create a spectacular, interactive video game world around a physical toy. By swapping and changing pieces of the SwapBots, players can influence in-game attributes. The player simply points their phone or device at the toy to see it come to life, as the digital animation is overlaid onto it. SwapBots has received a wealth of support, and is a part of SOSV’s HAX Boost Accelerator in San Francisco. Fancy. The SwapBots team run their business from Liverpool. but they’ve already made a splash on an international level. The future looks bright for the SwapBots and their augmented world.

3. Globall Coach

Liverpool-based Globall Coach gives football coaches access to market-leading animation technology that saves them time when preparing for games, and helps them get their message across more clearly than ever before. This is the new breed of tactics – boards and flip charts make way for tablets and big screens, magnetic markers are replaced by on-screen counters, helping coaches work through language barriers and communicate with their players in a simpler way. Initially created to illustrate tactics on a stage for Rafa Benitez, the tool was never actually intended for commercial release, but due to an incredible response, the team rolled it out for public use.

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