3 Liverpool Businesses With Amazing Offices

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The cultural city of Liverpool is home to many businesses of all shapes and sizes, and some of these businesses operate from some pretty incredible spaces. We wouldn’t expect anything less from such a vibrant city with a wealth of amazing architecture. With employers realising that staff respond well to open-plan office spaces and fun perks such as pool tables, more and more businesses are moving away from the run-of-the-mill desk-based office.

We’ve found three Liverpool businesses who have amazing offices, and taken a look at what makes them stand out from the crowd.

1. Uniform Communications

Uniform Communications is a design and innovation company with offices in Liverpool and London. Their Bold Street office is set within a beautiful warehouse that overlooks the city’s independent stores, cafes and restaurants, placing its workers in the cultural heart of Liverpool. The Uniform office is a modern flexible workspace, with private booths, physical making space and its own photo studio. We love the wall art, the funky lampshades and the wooden interior. It’s the perfect space for a team of creatives.

2. Mando Agency

We’re pretty sure that Mando‘s HQ is one of the only offices in the UK where you get shown around by a robot. The space-age tech doesn’t stop there – there’s also a fridge that talks to you, and a robot on a cinema screen who welcomes you into the office. One more thing about the fridge – it’s full of beer and soft drinks but the staff are only allowed to drink them once everyone in the office has filled in their weekly timesheets. That’s one way to ensure maximum productivity – no one wants to be a beer blocker!

3. Angel Studios

Angel Solutions create innovative web-based applications for the education sector, and their quirky office can be found at Liverpool Science Park. With a ball pool, circus big top and life-size animal sculptures, visiting their office is certainly a colourful experience. Workers at the software company can enjoy the use of a popcorn machine, a unicycle and ‘fun house’ style mirrors. We love the fact that staff presentations are held within the ball pit, with the speaker stood amongst the balls. It would definitely brighten up Monday morning meetings!

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