3 Coolest Tech Companies in Manchester

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Tech in the north is a big deal. So much so that the north’s digital economy is creating jobs at 10 times the rate of the region’s non-digital sectors. As the world continues to move online, Greater Manchester stays ahead of the trend, and is home to a wealth of digital talent. According to TechNation, Manchester has the UK’s fourth highest digital turnover at £2.9bn, and is the biggest single tech hub outside of the capital.

We’ve listed three of the coolest tech companies in Manchester, taking at look at what makes them so great.

1. Formisimo

Formisimo is a tech startup based in MediaCityUK that offers an analytics platform for online forms and checkouts. Their service allows businesses to improve the conversion rates of online forms by predicting whether or not a consumer will complete an online purchase. Formisimo is a tiny piece of code that can be installed on a site in a matter of seconds. This code then measures user behaviour on a site’s online forms (kind of like the Facebook Pixel), and then the Formisimo team record and crunch that data to figure out why the customer did not make a purchase. Formisimo has more than doubled its revenues year on year, so it’s clear the team has found a niche in the market that really works. 

2. DigitalBridge

DigitalBridge, based in Manchester Science Park, is a computer vision and machine learning company who are passionate about software. Their Advanced Computer Vision platform converts real-world photos into digital models, allowing customers to take a picture of a room which can then be converted to digital. The platform will automatically recognise the walls, floors, ceiling, objects – even lighting conditions – in the room. This type of software is useful for people looking to decorate a room, and offers a large revenue opportunity for brands and retailers. DigitalBridge offers an excitable, memorable way for customers to engage with an online catalogue. We predict big things for the team in the coming years. 

3. The Hut Group

Since being founded back in 2004, The Hut Group has seen phenomenal growth and today has revenues of almost £500m. Founded to create an e-commerce system that supports multiple retailers, the group now delivers a platform used to manage over 100 sites – all built, traded and marketed in-house. With brands such as Myprotein, Prevloved and Illamasqua all under their umbrella, it’s clear to see why The Hut Group has made such an impact in the digital industry. As of 2017, the group has over 16 million customers worldwide and sees 400 million visits to its sites annually, with things growing by the day. They now trade in nearly 200 countries in over 20 languages, and their flagship warehouse Omega is now supported by a US production facility. 

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