5 Best Coffee Shops in Manchester

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Greater Manchester is a food hub, with independent restaurants and chains thriving across the region. The Manchester brunch scene is especially exciting, with office workers all over the city counting down the hours until Sunday brunch-time all week long. The key to a great brunch is a cracking brew, so we’ve ranked the five best coffee shops in and around Manchester. Do you agree with our list? If you’ve got any additions, let us know!

1. Moose Coffee

The Moose Coffee empire is booming. The popular chain opened back in 2006 and now has three venues in Liverpool, one in Manchester and an express venue soon to open on Piccadilly. With the rise in popularity of an all-day brunch, it’s not difficult to see why. Their coffee menu, and indeed their entire menu, really is something to behold. We recommend trying their Moose blend espresso coffee, which, as with all of their coffees, is prepared from ethically sourced Arabica beans. Don’t want to sit in? Don’t worry – their cute Moose-brand cups are good to go.

2. Grindsmith

We love Grindsmith for its awesome graphic design alone, but it’s got a brilliant food and drink menu to boot. With three branches across the city, the coffee shop brings a moment of joy to city workers looking to get their caffeine fix before the daily grind (sorry). There’s nothing better than one of their cold offerings on a baking hot day – just take a look at the photo below. That’s Instagram material right there. Oh, and they have great straws!

3. North Tea Power

North Tea Power is a lovely little artisan coffee shop based on Tib Street. It’s interior is typically Northern Quarter-esque, with stripped wood and industrial fittings offering a welcome place for people to relax. As the name suggests, they’re passionate about tea, but they’re also big on their coffee. We recommend pairing a croissant with a flat white for the ultimate winter warmer. Oh, and they serve BLAWDco donuts on the weekend (try the peanut butter jelly, OMG). 

4. Pot Kettle Black

Hidden away in the beautiful Barnton Arcade, Pot Kettle Black is a wonderful hidden gem. Set up by two rugby league players, the speciality coffee shop prides itself on its delicious coffee and its internationally-inspired food menu. With a wide range of vegan and gluten-free options, PBK is a great choice for those looking for something special. Fancy something different? Try a Wilson – it’s an espresso over coconut water. 

5. Ancoats Coffee Co

Ancoats Coffee Co really know their coffee, and once you try one of their speciality blends you won’t look back. Situated in the heart of Ancoats – a fast-growing foodie hub – the coffee shop operates out of a stunning old mill. With regular ‘cupping events’ and kitchen takeovers, this is a firm favourite with true food lovers. What should you order? Try one of their in-house espressos – Warehouse City is a popular choice. 

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