Kanye West: Mental breakdown or marketing genius?

In an extremely controversial move, Kanye West has returned to Twitter, with his eccentric (and often offensive) opinions.

Mid-April saw the Twitterverse go into overdrive as Kanye took to his keyboard, dropping hints surrounding his newest album, which is rumoured to drop June 1st.

There is one odd thing about the rapper’s return to Twitter. Surrounding his usual promotional tweets for Yeezy and his music, he has been writing unusual comments that have had fans actually questioning his sanity.

In an even bolder move by the “Power” singer, he has aired his political views about US President Donald Trump, causing a huge backlash from fans.

Kanye was rumoured to have lost over 9 million followers since his outspoken advocacy for the US President, but that was quickly proven otherwise, and he has started dropping hints of his own Presidential Campaign for 2024.

Publicity stunt or heartfelt opinion? Whatever it is, Kanye is currently splashed across headlines all across the World.

And we think he knows exactly what he’s doing…

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