The Bard’s best backchat

The English language itself can be attributed to the most eloquent man in history; William Shakespeare, who invented over 1700 words. Today, April 23rd is recognised by scholars as the playwright’s birthday and is internationally celebrated as ‘Shakespeare’s Day’.

We shudder to think what a world without Shakespeare would have been like. How would we explain our hot new outfit without the word ‘swagger’? How could we complain about milk being put into a cup of tea first without calling it a ‘rant’? How else would we be able to describe ‘savagery’, if Shakespeare had never put a name to it?

To honour the memory of the Bard, and offer you all some more inspiration for your next confrontation, we’ve assembled some of the best insults to have been created by the legendary playwright:

As Shakespeare would say: “With mirth and laughter let old wrinkles come.”

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