Which of the Final 6 GBBO Bakers Are You, Based Off Your Social Media Habits?

The Great British Bake Off is fully in swing and with Dan going home in Tuesday’s episode, there are now only six bakers left. Some may argue they’re not the most exciting bunch the series has ever had; which is ridiculous when you see how quirky and unique Kim-Joy is, and the growing love the nation has for Rahul. We think the contestants can tell us a lot about our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram habits, so we came up with a little quiz for you to find out which baker matches your social media personality.

When do you usually post to Social Media?

Which Social Media platform do you use the most?

Pick an Emoji

What do you post on Social Media?

Which of these got you the most likes?

What's your biggest pet peeve on Social Media?

Is your social as raw as Dan’s pie fish? Do you need us to help with your social media strategy like the contestants help each other with their bakes? Get in touch! Call us on 0161 393 2123 or email hello@digitalmediateam.co.uk. We may even give you a Hollywood handshake!