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PPC case study: Increasing ROAS by 900% for a leading online fashion brand by using Branded & Dynamic Search

Branded Search

A leading fashion brand came to us in December to instruct us to manage and implement an effective and profitable Search and Display campaign as part of their existing marketing activity. The client’s previous search campaign performance for November 2018 had resulted in £4.29K in Revenue with a ROAS of 1.18. By the end of […]

A no-nonsense guide to marketing attribution models

“Why’s Google Analytics pulling through a lower revenue figure than Facebook?” “Why’s my eCommerce shop not pulling through the same figures my Facebook ads are showing?” That’s because marketing attribution models exist. Every platform you use for reporting on revenue has a different attribution model, meaning your revenue will be attributed to different channels based […]

5 crucial PPC lessons from our Black Friday success


We recently took over the PPC for an international womenswear brand, launching our campaigns on Black Friday week. Our campaigns were a huge success, vastly overshadowing the work of the client’s previous agency. Compared to last year’s campaigns we generated the following results: Cost: (5.6%) Lower Conversion: 140% Increase Conversion Value: 135% Increase ROAS: 149% […]

Here is why social media marketing is integral to a successful eCommerce strategy

social media

If you sell products on your website, it’s essential for you to be using social media. Simple as. As social media platforms have evolved over the years, they have become more and more crucial for ecommerce businesses, and you absolutely must be using the top social tools in the right way to keep up with […]

Why you shouldn’t buy fake followers

To quote K-Pop supergroup BTS, we’re so sick of this fake love, and especially on social media. In an online world that’s full of fake news, photoshopped selfies and ‘catfishing,‘ it’s no surprise that brands and influencers are turning to fake accounts to increase their following. We understand; having a big following on social media […]