Twitter has gone crazy over a sausage roll

Yes, you read correctly, Twitter is currently losing its mind over a new addition to everyone’s favourite bakery, Greggs. But why? Because it’s vegan!

Greggs has come a long way from its Newcastle roots and has long since established itself as the leading bakery on the high street in the UK. Their tasty bakes and affordable prices have created a loyal fanbase who worship the bakery. Meat-eaters have always been well catered for by Greggs, and so have vegetarians, so it’s no surprise that they’ve decided to delve into the world of veganism. Enter the vegan sausage roll…

Greggs sell around 1.5m of their traditional pork sausage rolls each week, and they have announced that the vegan version has been designed to mirror some of the original’s classic features. It will have 96 layers of light and crisp puff pastry and a ‘bespoke’ Quorn filling. This comes at the start of ‘Veganuary’ – a growing vegan movement that encourages people to take up a plant-based diet during January. Of course, Twitter had an awful lot to say about the announcement from Greggs…

But the news didn’t go down well with everyone – people were quick to voice their anger at Greggs who, in their eyes, arepandering to the vegans.’

Undoubtedly Greggs has one of the best social media presence amongst brands online, and they aren’t afraid to tackle negative comments head-on. Their shameless, down to earth social media style embraces brand values rather than apologising for them. So naturally, they had a bunch of killer comebacks up their sleeves for people angry about their announcment!

Whether Twitter likes it or hates it, the vegan sausage roll is here to stay. Social media managers and brand owners take note –  the replies from Greggs marketing team are a brilliant example of responding to customer complaints and queries on your social platforms. When done right the correct response can have a positive impact on your brand’s image, something which Greggs has mastered.

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