Wetherspoons’ best Twitter moments

Monday was a sad day for Wetherspoons fans, as the bargain pub chain announced that it would be pulling the plug on its social media – closing its Twitter, Instagram and Facebook accounts with immediate effect.

The move has thrown the firm into the headlines, and Twitter users have been scrambling to make sense of the decision, with conspiracy theories abound.

Wetherspoons said the ‘climate’ of social media was behind their decision, citing the trolling of MPs as well as ethnic and religious minorities. It also expressed concerns about the ‘addictive’ nature of social media (pot, kettle, black?).

The internet had other theories, with some branding the whole thing a PR stunt, or – worse – a way to cover up other scandals. Others suggested that the poor quality of the content had led to low engagement levels, and that better social media management would have led to more positive results.

Whatever the true reason behind their boycotting of social media, Wetherspoons have given us some glorious social moments over the years. Here are our favourites:

Real or not, this one is great.

Not original, but still amusing. (Click through for the full thread).


But don’t worry guys, the ‘Spoons Carpets Twitter is still alive and kicking, and that’s what really matters.

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