You’ll never guess these weird Facebook rules

We all know and love the expression ‘rules are made to be broken’, and I’m a great advocate of pushing the boundaries. So, one day I found myself deep in Facebook’s Community Standards’ handbook and couldn’t help but notice just how specific the social media platform could be in regards to what you aren’t allowed to post.

Instead of reading through them yourself, we picked out a few of the stranger rules and popped them in a handy list for you to peruse…

Mark Zuckerberg

DO NOT POST – Visible anus and/or fully nude close-ups of buttocks unless photoshopped on a public figure. 

Yep, sorry to all you bootylicious people out there, but FB doesn’t allow a bare-buttocks shot unless (and this is the real important part) IT’S PHOTOSHOPPED ON A PUBLIC FIGURE. We’re officially giving you all permission to take any picture of Donald Trump and absolutely go to town (he’s so much of an arse already, you may as well!).

Donald Trump

Not allowed to promise non-existent Facebook features

That’s right. You’re not allowed to promise any Facebook features that currently don’t exist. You want to talk about the rumours of a hate button? Not allowed. What if you told people Facebook was starting a new takeaway service called Foodbook? Not allowed. What about the possibility of Facebook invading your privacy… hm?  Too soon?

Swearing at a person

A rule that I know we’ve all broken at one point – FB’s Community Standards specifically prohibit swearing at another user. So, to help you all out, we’re going to provide a few Facebook-friendly insults so you can still get your rant on: Fudge nuggets! Schnookerdookies! Fiddlesticks! Great Scott! Shucks! Mothersmucker! And a personal favourite: I don’t give a Donald Duck!

Content that exposes the undercover status of law enforcement personnel if the content contains the agent’s full name or other explicit identification

Not really so much of a strange rule, but definitely a cooler one. Makes you wonder just how many undercover agents there are on Facebook. Either way, no exposing them. But keep a close eye – if you’ve got a friend request from somebody called John Smith with no mutual friends, who sends you game invites from Criminal Case and the only page he likes is “Police Hour”, well, just be careful…

So, there you have it – just a FEW of Facebook’s slightly weirder rules. Check ’em out for yourself here!

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