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10 Hilarious April Fool’s Day Ad Campaigns

10 Hilarious April Fool’s Day Ad Campaigns




Every prankster’s favourite day of the year: April Fool’s Day. The time for friends, family and businesses alike to come together and celebrate novelty pranks and jokes. Many companies jump on the bandwagon and create fake ad campaigns that aim to entice users to interact with them (and it works!).

For marketers or social media managers, April Fool’s Day is a chance to create a discussion about a brand or particular item. It’s effectively a day to raise brand awareness and encourage engagement amongst social media users. Keep reading & check out our ten favourite April Fool’s Day ad campaigns below. 

1. Duolingo

Have you ever thought that your usual language-learning spot has become a bit boring? Well, Duolingo thought this too. The release of their “Duolingo Roll” in 2021 aimed to encourage learning on the loo. 

Supposedly, the average person spends up to 14 minutes a day on the toilet, and Duolingo saw this as a lot of wasted time. Thus came the release of their own toilet roll, in a variety of different languages, with your much-needed phrases printed onto each sheet. Who doesn’t want to know how to say “My cat is a lawyer” in Japanese whilst you’re paying Mother Nature a visit?

So, follow their advice and “turn your bathroom into a classroom”. We’re just upset they didn’t name it “Poo-olingo”...

2. Lego

Everyone’s favourite Danish plastic brick company, Lego, sought to challenge the widely-experienced issue that many people face: the nightmare-inducing fear of stepping on a rogue Lego brick, of course.

Introducing “Smart Bricks”, intended to scatter across the room once someone’s foot came into close proximity. It wasn’t specified whether the bricks would fly away or not when a hand came over to start building, but we’re hoping this is something that can be clarified ASAP.

This is a welcome creation from a brand that inadvertently makes walking across your dark bedroom ten times scarier.

3. Pringles

What could be better than Salt & Vinegar flavoured lip balm? The answer: nothing. This must’ve been the thought behind Pringles’ latest creation, promising to “keep your lips feeling moisturised and iconic”.

This seemed to be one of those April Fool’s pranks that, whilst most people would stay well clear, intrigued many into wondering exactly what a Pringle lip balm would taste like. 

However, salt is famously known to make things feel drier, so applying a salted lip balm to your lips isn’t really something that would go down well amongst folks. Better luck next time, Pringles.

4. Keepmoat Homes

One thing that should’ve been introduced alongside the revolutionary boiling water tap was a feature that dispensed a perfectly-made cuppa. Keepmoat Homes had the exact same idea when they released their tea-riffic, freshly-made tea from a tap.

Tea-drinkers would be able to get a perfect brew in a flash, something that we’re all wishing was actually available. Although, a ready-made, boiling coffee tap would be a very welcome invention… *hint* *hint* Quooker 👀

5. Teletubbies

Children’s television favourites, Teletubbies, sought to hop onto the NFT craze with the release of their “TubbyCoin”. Owners would have the ability to increase the value of the TubbyCoin with every like, comment or share of a particular hashtag.

Those who actually believed the accompanying, scientific-sounding report about the technology behind the TubbyCoin were met with a “Gotcha! Happy April Fool’s Day” message. Tinky Winky, you cheeky little devil.

6. Happy Beds

Do you desire a new way of sleeping that’ll revolutionise how you live your life? Sure, everyone’s heard of memory foam mattresses, but what about concrete mattresses?

Happy Beds announced the world’s firmest mattress on April Fool’s Day 2021, attempting to make everyone believe that a solid night’s sleep was something that we all desired. Whilst it was completely resistant to bed bugs and came with a fifty-year guarantee, it didn’t really catch on as something you’d see on your next trip to IKEA. Maybe B&Q, though…

7. Asda

Supposedly, some people actually have baked beans on their Weetabix in the morning. No, we’re not kidding. 🤢

Asda, however, decided to combine these two British classics and announced the fake release of Weetabix and Heinz Beans in a can. They quickly clarified that it was an April Fool’s Day prank but reiterated the great offer in place for a box of Weetabix and a four-pack of Heinz Beans…

8. Tinder

Referred to as “the thing you never asked for, but definitely always wanted”, Tinder announced the introduction of height verification.

Yes, users were told they could input their correct height onto the app alongside a photo of themselves next to a commercial building that proved they weren’t fibbing. This was all in an attempt to encourage daters to stop “height-fishing” and follow the well-known phrase of “honesty is the best policy”.

9. BMW

The rapidly-advancing innovation behind electric cars encouraged BMW to introduce “Lunar Paint”. Supposedly able to charge your electric vehicle using lunar power, it’s something that we now need more than ever, thanks to the recent rising electricity costs.

Alas, this announcement was another in a long line of April Fool’s Day pranks that aren’t actually being implemented. Someone get Elon Musk on the phone; this needs to happen!

10. Heinz

Have you ever sat down and thought: “You know what my Cream of Tomato soup is missing? A healthy Strawberry & Banana Innocent smoothie.” Well, “Smoup” is that thing you’ve been needing in your life.

According to Heinz, you can drink or eat it and enjoy it hot or cold. The possibilities are well and truly endless! Let’s just hope the flavour combinations end here. Cream of Chicken & Apple Smoup doesn’t sound like something that’ll go down well amongst soup or smoothie lovers!

So, there you have it! Our ten favourite April Fool’s Day ad campaigns. Have any more that you’ve seen & find funny? Let us know via our social media accounts. Or, if you’re looking to grow your brand through paid social, PPC or email marketing, don’t hesitate to get in touch!