Our SEO experts can help you climb search engine rankings, increase site traffic, engage visitors, improve search engine visibility, and help achieve your business goals with a bespoke strategy designed for you. 

When paired with other marketing channels, such as PPC, Web Development, Paid Social, CRO & Email Marketing, SEO offers the perfect blend of data crunching and creativity.

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5* Paid Social Agency

Our team has years of agency experience, running social media ads for a vast array of eCommerce titans, including Forever Unique, The Couture Club, Jameson Carter and Lavish Alice. We’ll help build eye-catching, thumb-stopping social media campaigns that grow your traffic, brand awareness, purchases and revenue. We pride ourselves on our knowledge and experience of the eCommerce industry, forging solid partnerships with the likes of Facebook, Pinterest, Snapchat and TikTok. What’s more, intelligent software from ROI Hunter helps us optimise paid social ads around the clock, ensuring best performance for your Facebook advertising campaigns. This is a paid social experience like no other.

Why Should I Choose DMT as My Out Of Home Agency?

As a Meta Business Partner located outside of the capital, we’re able to offer an unrivalled agency experience without the London price tag. Our team of social media advertising experts has successfully managed well over £30M+ in ad spend across a huge range of platforms and verticals, so choosing DMT for your paid social advertising puts your brand in the safest of hands.

You’ll also receive the benefits of ROI Hunter – an intelligent, industry-leading marketing platform that boosts performance and scalability. Being part of our agency also means you get advertising coupons from Facebook as a reward because Facebook recognise that we spend money wisely. That’s essentially free money for us to put towards your killer campaigns.

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What is SEO?

SEO or ‘Search Engine Optimisation’ is the process of improving your website’s ranking on search engines to increase organic traffic. To achieve this, SEO marketers will optimise a site’s configuration, content relevance and link popularity to make its pages more relevant for user search queries which, in turn, improves that page’s ranking on search engines. 

Is SEO Beneficial For My Business? 

Any business not utilising SEO is missing out on sending a huge chunk of highly relevant, “free” traffic to their website. Prioritising your SEO efforts is a must these days and, if done correctly, it can help increase conversions, encourage more sales and help you get more qualified leads. It also gives you the power to answer your potential customers’ questions, contributing to brand trust and, ultimately, brand loyalty.

SEO Features

On-Page SEO

From HTML to metadata, we’ll optimise your individual web pages to rank higher and score relevant traffic.

Technical SEO

We’ll ensure your website meets the technical requirements of modern search engines to help improve your organic search rankings.

Copywriting & Strategies

We’ll utilise efficient keyword research and a dedicated copywriter to ensure your pages rank whilst staying true to your tone of voice.

Link Building

We’ll outreach to external websites to acquire links back to your own. High-quality backlinks improve your authority score and help you rank higher.


Our experienced copywriting team will craft SEO-optimised blogs, providing relevant, high-quality content for your site.


From page speed and content quality through to backlinks & metadata, we’ll deep-dive into your on-page and off-page search ranking factors.

How Will Using an SEO Agency Benefit Me?

With an expert agency at the helm of your SEO efforts, you get a ready-made team for a fraction of the cost of hiring in-house. From utilising smart site-crawling software through to tried-and-tested keyword strategies, an SEO agency is a perfect choice for any business, whether established or a start-up, to help you gain visibility and authority in an extremely competitive space.

SEO that’s done incorrectly can seriously damage your website, so why not trust it to the experts instead? Get in touch via our form to request a FREE audit & let’s get your website on track to hit that glorious first page of Google. 

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"They have a good workflow and are very efficient to work with."

Owner & Director, Only The Blind


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"They are really good and we want to continue working with them to help our business further."

Digital Marketing Executive,


"They have a good workflow and are very efficient to work with."

Owner & Director, Only The Blind


"Getting ideas and new campaigns across so Digital Media Team can implement has been smooth."

Gabriel Unger

CEO & Co-Founder, Tea Business


"They were very good at keeping up with marketing trends."

Owner, Online Footwear Retailer


"They cover everything we are looking for and their team is brilliant to work with."

Director, Designer Clothing Retailer


"The results and communications amazed us."

Founder, Online Photo Printing Service


"They were so in tune with the latest digital marketing trends and news, making us feel we were in safe hands."

Accountant, Accounting Firm


"We are all really happy with the numbers that they provide for us."

Senior PR Manager, Women's Wear Retailer


“You can tell that they’re quite passionate about our brand.”

Social Media Brand Executive, Eatlean Cheese


"They're a lovely team. They're easy to talk to and work with."

Director, Mars the Label


"They care about getting us up and running in the correct manner, which will lead to commercial success."

CCO, Wholesale Agency


"They understand our market perfectly and understand exactly what we need and how to achieve our goals."

Marketing Manager, Online Footwear Retailer


"The most impressive thing is they know their stuff and just get on and do it."

Head of Digital, Yours Clothing


"When I needed someone, they were there and always got back to me in a great time."

Operations Manager, Online Marketing Agency


"They seem genuinely interested in our company and of the successful implementation of our project."

Tommy Crooks


"Tell them your ideas — they’re great at thinking outside the box."

Operations & Outreach Manager, Number Supermarket


"Their communication far exceeds that of other vendors I've worked with."

Director, Kultkid

Unfortunately, we don't work with brands who have a budget of less than £10,000 across multiple platforms. We always like to be as upfront and honest as possible so as not to waste your time. Please do get in touch via if you have any questions.


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