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Use the contact form to request more information about our social media marketing service. Leave your contact info, company name and your desired monthly spend. One of our team members will be in touch to find out more about your business, and how hiring DMT as your paid social agency can help take you to the top. Alternatively, you can book in a 15 minute social media marketing intro call directly using the calendar after submitting the form.

Keep scrolling for a rundown of our paid social service, including a brief explanation of social media advertising and its benefits, social media platforms and the USPs that make Digital Media Team a cut above the rest.

We’ve cut our teeth in the fashion and eCommerce industries, generating amazing results across, food, furniture, beauty and many more sectors. Our client list reads as a who’s who in the Manchester fashion world, with our reputation growing by the day.

We’ve got plenty of social media case studies to back up our rep’, click through to browse a few of our key clients and results. We’ll also send you out a brand deck once you fill in the contact form, we’re nice like that.

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5* Paid Social Agency

Our team has years of agency experience, running social media ads for a vast array of eCommerce titans, including Forever Unique, The Couture Club, Jameson Carter and Lavish Alice. We’ll help build eye-catching, thumb-stopping social media campaigns that grow your traffic, brand awareness, purchases and revenue. We pride ourselves on our knowledge and experience of the eCommerce industry, forging solid partnerships with the likes of Facebook, Pinterest, Snapchat and TikTok. What’s more, intelligent software from ROI Hunter helps us optimise paid social ads around the clock, ensuring best performance for your Facebook advertising campaigns. This is a paid social experience like no other.

Why Should I Choose DMT as My Paid Social Agency?

As the UK’s only Premium Facebook Business Partner outside of the capital, we’re able to offer an unrivalled agency experience without the London price tag. What’s more, being a Premium Facebook Partner puts us in the top 5% of advertising agencies worldwide for our paid social methodologies. Our team of social media advertising experts has successfully managed well over £30M+ in ad spend across a huge range of platforms and verticals, so choosing DMT for your paid social advertising puts your brand in the safest of hands.

You’ll also receive the benefits of ROI Hunter – an intelligent, industry-leading marketing platform that boosts performance and scalability. Being part of our agency also means you get advertising coupons from Facebook as a reward because Facebook recognise that we spend money wisely. That’s essentially free money for us to put towards your killer campaigns.

Is your business ready to take the next step? Get in touch to find out more.

What is Paid Social?

Social media advertising is one of the most important digital marketing channels for any brand, especially those in a b2c industry. By combining eye-catching ad design and intelligent data, paid social is an incredibly powerful tool and helps capture user attention at all stages of the buying journey. Your customers spend their time on social media, so putting your products in front of their eyes can lead to big results.

From Instagram to TikTok, we’ll put your paid social campaigns on the best social networks to fit your brand. Planning, implementing and optimising a social media advertising can be incredibly effective, helping you boost reach, ROAS (return on ad spend) and revenue. That’s what we like to see.

Is Paid Social for Me?

Paid social advertising is considerably cheaper than traditional advertising channels such as television, making it highly accessible for brands of all sizes. What’s more, pinpoint audience targeting makes it hyper-relevant. It’s important to remember that paid social advertising amplifies the position your business is in. If you have a poor product and a website that doesn’t convert, pushing people to site via social media campaigns simply won’t work.

We’ll complete a full audit of your current social media marketing, wider digital marketing strategy, and website before you sign up. Beyond that point, we’ve put together a comprehensive checklist, helping make sure you’re ready to advertise on paid social for best results. We’ll guide you through every step of the way.

Paid Social Features

There’s a reason why social media advertising spend is growing massively year on year. Here are some of the features our social media marketing service comes packed full of:

Grow & Scale

Our proven methods will help your business grow and scale. By continuously optimising your campaigns, we’ll make your ad spend work harder, hitting and exceeding ROAS goals and only scaling up when we’re certain that we’ll maintain and grow your returns. This nurturing approach helps you grow your paid social revenue in a secure, cost-effective manner.

ROI Hunter

We are the only UK agency to have access to ROI Hunter – an intelligent tool that allows us to build and optimise Facebook ad campaigns at scale. This technology also enables us to build and customise high-converting DPA adverts, helping us drive conversions, reduce wasted spend and increase your ROAS. Find out more about ROI Hunter here.


We use Facebook pixel data to push powerful remarketing ads to your website visitors as they browse their newsfeeds. Retargeting promotes the products your site visitors have been viewing, helping to encourage purchases, rescue abandon baskets, increase the lifetime value of current customers, build lookalike audiences and much more.

Premium Facebook Business Partners

We’ve been awarded Facebook Premium Partner status, recognising our agency’s methodology. This is not only a testament to our skills and results, but it gives us – and your brand – direct access to Facebook support along with a whole host of other features and benefits.

Ad Design

We’ve got an in-house design team who are experts in creating thumb-stopping social media campaigns. From high-converting DPA ads to slick video content, we’ll take your raw assets and turn them into visually stunning advertising campaigns. Our ad copy team will work their magic, writing on-brand copy that attracts and delights.


We know how to target your audience on the platforms they’re using. We promote brands on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat and more, taking a full-funnel approach to capture customers at all stages of the buying journey. We’ll identify the right platforms for your brand, designing and building ad campaigns that convert.

How Will Using a Paid Social Media Agency Benefit My Business?

Big data and machine learning allows you to target and reach your audience with ease using social media marketing. Each paid social platform is designed to facilitate the goals of your business, whether that be brand awareness, engagement, sales or one of many other objectives. Advertising on social media gives your brand instant visibility, and in a crowded market, making sure your social ads look the part and reach your target audience is everything. That’s where we step in. Partnering up with a digital marketing agency for your paid social management not only saves you time, but it also gives you instant access to a team of social media advertising experts.

Our social media marketers will manage your paid social ad campaigns from top to bottom, identifying and targeting the users most likely to convert, designing high-performing ads and optimising round-the-clock for maximum results. We’ll help build and optimise your marketing strategy, keeping your business ahead of the competition.

What Do I Need to Get Started?

When we talk you through our initial exploration call, we’ll run through your current market position and business goals. We’ve also got a short checklist that we need all brands to complete ahead of signing up and getting started. The very basics you need to get going with paid social are a Facebook Business Manager account containing your Facebook page, Instagram account, Ad Account and Pixel, allowing you to get up and running with Facebook advertising. Same goes for the other social media platforms. If you don’t have any of the above, we’re more than happy to help.

How Much Do I Need to Spend?

The accessible nature of paid social advertising makes it easy for businesses of all shapes and sizes to get involved.

We work with brands who spend £5,000 a month right up to £250k+ – once you find that sweet spot of ROI and scalability, the sky’s the limit.

Disclaimer – we only work with clients who have monthly ad spend budgets of £3k upwards.

Paid Social Platforms

We’ll help identify which social media platforms are right for your business. Different channels have different functionalities, with more and more options on offer for advertisers. Facebook Ads Manager remains the ads giant as it stands, but Snapchat, TikTok and Pinterest are upping their games. By understanding your target audience and where they hang out, we’ll help you build the perfectly crafted paid social strategy.

Facebook Ads

When Facebook burst onto the scene back in 2004, not many people would predict it to grow into the giant it is today. 17 years on, Facebook Ads Manager is the most powerful paid advertising tool around, helping businesses across the globe expand their audiences. With 2.60 billion monthly active users, Facebook remains the place to be for brands of all shapes and sizes. Facebook advertising is ideal for B2C eCommerce, with intelligent audience targeting tools ensuring you put your ads in front of the right users. If you want hyper-targeted, high-ROI campaigns, Facebook is the place to be. And what better Facebook advertising agency to use than Premium Partner, DMT?

Instagram Ads

With over 1 billion monthly active users, Instagram is also a crucial paid social channel for for eCommerce. Of all the social platforms, Instagram is perhaps the most visually appealing, and it’s this eye-catching aesthetic that makes it the perfect place for advertisers in the fashion world to push their campaigns, and it’s also great for the travel, homeware and food sectors. In-app shopping features put your products front and centre, making it even easier for users to make that all-important purchase. We’ll create thumb-stopping ads that grab attention in the feed and on Stories, giving your brand that Insta treatment. Damn, your brand is looking good.

TikTok Ads

With over 800 million monthly active users, TikTok is a beast that can’t be ignored, especially if your audience includes a Gen Z demographic. Around 41% of TikTok users are aged between 16 and 24, making it a must for brands targeting a young audience. TikTok’s appeal is its addictive nature – the average user spends almost 52 minutes of their day using the app – that’s a lot of potential for your brand to get in front of their eyes. If you’re pushing D2C products to a Gen Z audience, advertising on TikTok should be up there on your list of priorities.

Pinterest Ads

Another visually-focused platform, Pinterest surprisingly has a thriving commercial element to it, with many users browsing pins to help make purchase decisions. Savvy marketers should make use of this – Pinterest is fantastic for B2C brands in sectors such as fashion, furniture and food. With around 250 million users, Pinterest can be a powerful addition to your paid social advertising strategy, especially for those users currently in the consideration part of the customer journey.

Snapchat Ads

Over 300 million people currently use Snapchat, and the media-sharing app is a hit with millennials, making it a great choice for eCommerce businesses. Put your adverts in the users’ palms with eye-catching, fullscreen ads and you might just hit new heights with your conversions. Our team love Snapchat advertising, and we’re keen to show you why.

What Our Clients Say

“Even early into their relationship, the team generated a 500% ROI through their advertisements. Their attention to detail, flexibility in detecting the right target audiences, and commitment to quick response times boded well for a seamless long-term collaboration.” Director, Kultkid

You can have a proper browse at our paid social client testimonials over on Clutch.

Free Audits

Not sure how your paid social advertising weighs up against your competitors? Get an expert opinion from an experienced advertising agency without spending a penny.

We’ll take a deep dive of your paid social accounts, highlighting strengths and weaknesses, whilst looking for ways to tighten up spend and maximise performance. To get started, drop us a line with your info.

Case Studies

Some of the clients we run paid social advertising activity for include Forever Unique, Rebellious Fashion and Sinners Attire.

Click through to find out more about the methodology and results for these projects.

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