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Our original speciality. Our paid social team have perfected an approach that we’re very proud of. Scaling performance for maximum return, we ensure your ads are seen by the right people, at the right time. As Premium Facebook Marketing Partners, we’re ranked in the top 5% of social media marketing agencies worldwide for paid social services. We’re also the go-to social media agency for fashion brands.

What is paid social?

Social media is one of the most important digital marketing channels for any brand, especially those in the b2c sector. By combining eye-catching ad design and intelligent data, paid social is an incredibly powerful tool and helps capture user attention at all stages of the buying journey. Your customers spend their time on social media, so putting your ads in front of their eyes can lead to big results. From Instagram to TikTok, we’ll put you on the best social networks to fit your brand.

How will using a paid social media agency benefit my business?

Big data and machine learning allows you to target and reach your audience with ease using social media marketing. Each platform is designed to facilitate the goals of your business, whether that be brand awareness, engagement, sales or one of many other objectives. Advertising on social media gives your brand instant visibility, and in a crowded market, making sure your social ads look the part and reach the right people is everything. That’s where we step in. Partnering up with a digital marketing agency for your paid social not only saves you time, but it also gives you instant access to a team of social media experts.

Our social media marketers will manage your ads from top to bottom, identifying and targeting the users most likely to convert, designing high-performing ads and optimising round-the-clock for maximum results. We’ll help build and optimise your marketing strategy, keeping you ahead of the competition.

Is paid social for me?

Paid social media amplifies the position your business is in. If you have a poor product and a website that doesn’t convert, pushing people to site simply won’t work. However, we’ll complete a full audit of your current digital marketing strategy and website before you sign up. Beyond that point, we’ve put together a comprehensive checklist, helping make sure you’re ready to advertise for best results. We’ll guide you through every step of the way.

Paid Social Features

There’s a reason why social media spend is growing massively year on year. Here are some of the features our social media marketing service comes packed full of:


We know how to target your audience on the platforms they’re using. We promote brands on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat and more, taking a full-funnel approach to capture customers at all stages of the buying journey. We’ll identify the right platforms for your brand, designing and building ads that convert.

Ad Design

We’ve got an in-house design team who are experts in creating thumb-stopping ads. From high-converting DPA ads to slick video content, we’ll take your raw assets and turn them into visually stunning campaigns. Our ad copy team will work their magic, writing on-brand copy that attracts and delights.

Premium Facebook Marketing Partners

We’ve been awarded Facebook Marketing Premium Partner status, recognising our agency’s methodology. This is not only a testament to our skills and results, but it gives us – and your brand – direct access to Facebook support along with a whole host of other features and benefits.


We use Facebook pixel data to push powerful remarketing ads to your website visitors as they browse their newsfeeds. Retargeting promotes the products your site visitors have been viewing, helping to encourage purchases, rescue abandon baskets, increase the lifetime value of current customers, build lookalike audiences and much more.

ROI Hunter

We are the only UK agency to have access to ROI Hunter – an intelligent tool that allows us to build and optimise campaigns at scale. This technology also enables us to build and customise high-converting DPA adverts, helping us drive conversions and increase your ROAS.

Grow & Scale

Our proven methods will help your business grow and scale. By continuously optimising our campaigns, we’ll make your ad spend work harder, hitting and exceeding ROAS goals and only scaling up when we’re certain that we’ll maintain and grow your returns. This nurturing approach helps you grow your revenue in a secure, cost-effective manner.


Case Studies

Some of the clients we run paid social activity for include Forever Unique, Rebellious Fashion, DeMellier London, Sinners Attire and Gumbies.

Click through to find out more about the methodology and results for these projects.


What Our Clients Say

“Even early into their relationship, the team generated a 500% ROI through their advertisements. Their attention to detail, flexibility in detecting the right target audiences, and commitment to quick response times boded well for a seamless long-term collaboration.”Director, Kultkid

Want to learn more about how employing a full service social media marketing agency could benefit your business? Visit our contact page to make an enquiry or request a marketing proposal.

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