Audits & Reporting

Help understand your performance better with audits and in-depth reporting from dmt’s data heads.

What is it?

Want to know how your existing campaigns are performing and identify opportunities for growth and improvement? Our team can run an in-depth audit of your current activity, offering tips and pointers to help you improve performance. 

How will it benefit my business?

An audit will give you an honest review of current performance, helping to identify areas for growth and improvement. By identifying where your strengths, opportunities and weaknesses, an audit can help you to focus your strategy and set the foundations to future success.

Our in-depth analytical reports are perfect if you want to understand your business better. We’ll help you micro-analyse your digital marketing, leaving no stone unturned. Setting up these reports is a fantastic way to help your business grow and develop.

Is it for me?

Whether you use our audits and reports as a stepping stone to your service with Digital Media Team or use the feedback to go it alone, that’s completely up to you. Either way, each of these items are perfect for marketers and business owners who wish to get to grips with the data that makes their business tick. Audits and reports help you assess how on track to meeting your goals you are, as well as helping you draw comparison with competitors.


Helping you understand our audits and reporting services in more detail.

Google Data Studio

We use Google Data Studio to build our audits and marketing reports. This helps us to turn your data into informative easy-to-read reports.

Visualise Your Data

We’ll help you visualise your data into charts, graphs and tables, helping you make sense of those tricky numbers and figures.

Your Own Dashboad

Instead of confusing you with a mammoth spreadsheet, you’ll receive a working dashboard, perfect for showcasing your data to your boss, stakeholders and colleagues.

Multiple Data Sources

Our analytics-first approach pulls data directly into your report from different data sources, including Facebook Ads and Google Analytics.

Google Partners

We’re Google Partners, so if you ever have a question about your dashboard, get in touch and we’ll quickly find a solution.

Data Integrity

We don’t fudge the numbers. The numbers and field names we use are the exact same names and numbers you’ll see in your native UIs.

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