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Put your products front and centre of the world’s largest marketplace with Amazon Marketing Services from DMT. While Google is home to browsers and researchers, Amazon attracts buyers.

With 300 million daily active users, Amazon has grown into the largest marketplace in the world. It’s also beginning to outperform Google in search intent, with 55% of internet users turning directly to Amazon to find the products they need.

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What is Amazon Marketing Services?

Amazon Marketing Services is a digital advertising solution which allows vendors to stand out amongst competition, drive demand for their products and promote products to customers at the last stage of the buying funnel with search ads within Amazon’s ecosystem. If you want your products discovered by shoppers at a time when they’re ready to buy, Amazon Marketing Services will boost the visibility of your products to the right audiences.

Why Choose DMT?

Digital Media Team have years of experience as a digital marketing agency serving eCommerce titans such as The Couture Club, Eatlean, Rebellious Fashion and Boot Buddy. We’re well-versed in helping sellers sell more, driving ROAS and revenue and growing brand awareness via our core services of social media marketing, PPC and email marketing. By adding Amazon Marketing into your digital marketing strategy, we can help boost your eCommerce presence.

Amazon Marketing Features

Amazon advertising offers some incredible features for eCommerce retailers. Here’s some more info.

World's Largest Retailer

In May 2019, Amazon took over Walmart as the biggest retailer on the planet. This platform’s waiting for your products – it’s time to get involved.


There’s no denying it, Amazon is for buyers. Capitalise on this high-intent traffic with a solid strategy and watch the sales roll in.

Sponsored Brand Ads

CPC ads that feature your brand logo, a custom headline and multiple products. These ads appear in relevant shopping results, driving brand awareness.

Sponsored Product Ads

CPC ads that promote individual product listings on Amazon. Help customers discover and purchase your products using ads that appear in shopping results and on product pages.


We take a holistic approach to amazon, implementing an all-encompassing strategy that will get you noticed on the Amazon marketplace.


We’re obsessed with data. We’ll work tirelessly to find what works, using data to constantly optimise and tweak our campaigns for maximum results.

What Are the Benefits to My Business?

With 300 million daily active users, Amazon has grown into the largest marketplace in the world. According to research conducted by BloomReach, Amazon is beginning to outperform Google in search intent, with 55% of people turning directly to Amazon to find the products they need. If you’re an eCommerce vendor, advertising on Amazon is a no brainer.

Is Amazon Marketing Services for me?

Amazon product page traffic is so valuable that a good conversion rate on an Amazon product page is widely considered as 15%, which is around 3-5x the average of other eCommerce sites. Jeff Bezos’ monster is only growing – it’s time for your brand to take advantage. Not sure where to start? That’s where we step in.

What Do I Need to Get Started?

We need you to be set up on Prime in order for us to run our Amazon marketing services. If this is the case, great! We’ll kick things off with an initial exploration call where we find out more about your brand, your product, your experience with Amazon and your goals going forward. We’ll put together a proposal and if you like what you see, we’ll get things rolling.

Free Audits

Not sure how your Amazon Marketing weighs up against your competitors? Get an expert opinion from an experienced advertising agency without spending a penny. We’ll take a deep dive of your Amazon account, highlighting strengths and weaknesses, whilst looking for ways to tighten up spend and maximise performance. We’ll kick things off with a call to get to grips with your business and goals, then go from there. Auditing your Amazon strategy is a great way to set yourself on the road to success. To get started, drop us a line with your info.

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Case Studies

We’ve got plenty of case studies to back up our rep’, click through to browse a few of our key clients and results. We’ll also send you out a brand deck once you fill in the contact form, we’re nice like that.


"They have a good workflow and are very efficient to work with."

Owner & Director, Only The Blind


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"We are all really happy with the numbers that they provide for us."

Senior PR Manager, Women's Wear Retailer


"Tell them your ideas — they’re great at thinking outside the box."

Operations & Outreach Manager, Number Supermarket


"They were so in tune with the latest digital marketing trends and news, making us feel we were in safe hands."

Accountant, Accounting Firm


"They were very good at keeping up with marketing trends."

Owner, Online Footwear Retailer


"They understand our market perfectly and understand exactly what we need and how to achieve our goals."

Marketing Manager, Online Footwear Retailer


"The most impressive thing is they know their stuff and just get on and do it."

Head of Digital, Yours Clothing


"When I needed someone, they were there and always got back to me in a great time."

Operations Manager, Online Marketing Agency


"They're a lovely team. They're easy to talk to and work with."

Director, Mars the Label


"They are really good and we want to continue working with them to help our business further."

Digital Marketing Executive,


"Getting ideas and new campaigns across so Digital Media Team can implement has been smooth."

Gabriel Unger

CEO & Co-Founder, Tea Business


"They cover everything we are looking for and their team is brilliant to work with."

Director, Designer Clothing Retailer


"They seem genuinely interested in our company and of the successful implementation of our project."

Tommy Crooks


"The results and communications amazed us."

Founder, Online Photo Printing Service


"They care about getting us up and running in the correct manner, which will lead to commercial success."

CCO, Wholesale Agency


“You can tell that they’re quite passionate about our brand.”

Social Media Brand Executive, Eatlean Cheese


"They have a good workflow and are very efficient to work with."

Owner & Director, Only The Blind


"Their communication far exceeds that of other vendors I've worked with."

Director, Kultkid

Unfortunately, we don't work with brands who have a budget of less than £10,000 across multiple platforms. We always like to be as upfront and honest as possible so as not to waste your time. Please do get in touch via if you have any questions.


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