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5 Brands Getting Creative with Content on TikTok

5 Brands Getting Creative with Content on TikTok




TikTok is no longer just a place for Gen Z to post viral dancing videos, questionable challenges or complain about “Boomers”, but also a powerhouse for brands to achieve viral fame overnight. The mobile app has gone from an exclusive teen gimmick to a fundamental part of many businesses marketing strategies since its initial launch way back in 2016. 

During the pandemic, TikTok’s users grew by more than 85%, and the app now has an estimated 1 billion active users worldwide. Despite the average user being in the age demographic of 20-29-year-olds, the app's popularity has soared over the past couple of years.

On average, users spend almost 52 minutes of their day watching videos - that’s a whole lot of content to digest. With more people flocking to the app, brands and businesses alike have begun playing catch up.We’ve picked out 5 five brands that are getting creative with their content on TikTok so that you can take inspiration from them!

Duolingo - 3.5 + Million Followers

When many of us decided to pick up a short-lived lockdown hobby in an attempt to broaden our mindsets, little did we know that over two years later, we’d still be haunted by an ever-persistent green owl. 

Simply deleting the app would only confirm we’d admitted defeat in trying to pick up a new language. So instead, the app lives on in the backgrounds of iPhone screens alike. Occasionally, the ghostly presence of “Duo” (said green owl) will A) bully us into starting a lesson or B) shame us.

With this becoming a widely accepted fate, their TikTok has become a hub for relatable, trending and funny content without trying too hard. Using their brand mascot and a combination of trending sounds, they’re able to appeal to a broad audience - not just Gen Z but older generations too.

If you’re able to get past the trauma of seeing the dreaded green owl, we’d definitely recommend giving their videos a watch!

Nando’s - 123.9K + Followers

Chicken connoisseurs Nando’s are no stranger to creating top tier TikTok content. Famed for their signature cheeky humour, their TikTok reflects viral trends and showcases their ever-strong brand presence. 

Some of Nando’s best performing videos play on the common behaviour of people who visit their restaurants. For example, customers not paying for refills (something we’d obviously, absolutely never dream of doing @nandos if you’re reading this).

Their reactive content has made them a top contender amongst other brands on TikTok, racking together a total of 2.3 million likes. Not bad for a chicken restaurant, hey?

@nandosuk #duet with @jamieraine_ You know we know, right? 👀 #nandos #thatsnotwater ♬ Three Little Birds - Kyle

Prada - 533.4K + Followers

High fashion brand, Prada, has made waves with its TikTok content. Unlike other brands who hop on viral trends to get their content out there, Prada has taken a completely different approach. With the strategy of quality over quantity, Prada has generated over 4 million likes despite not posting regularly.

Their content relies on aesthetics and the quality of their clothing, showcasing seasonal collections on runways and in studios. The filming of their TikTok allows users to get a 360° angle of their most recent collections, making high fashion more accessible.

Very nicely done!

Netflix - 22.5M + Followers

Netflix rarely gets it wrong when it comes to TikTok. They’re always one step ahead of any viral memes. Who would have thought that a company that creates video content would be so successful on an app whose sole purpose is sharing video content? Crazy, hey.

Netflix currently boasts 22.5 million followers and 374.6 million likes which is continuously growing! Their content focuses on using clips from trending TV shows such as Bridgerton and The Queen’s Gambit, turning them into memes or reactive videos. 

They’ve heightened their success by using a mix of user-generated content and also making all of their videos shareable, as well as encouraging engagement from other users. If you’re looking for a successful brand to emulate, we’d recommend giving their TikTok a gander!

@netflix Happy March 31st – the day that doesn't exist! #ParksandRecreation ♬ original sound - Netflix

Ryanair - 1.6 + Million Followers

It was a day on the internet that absolutely no one could predict. Irish airline, Ryanair, became TikTok famous. Not just in the UK, but they managed to break America too. What’s more, their American fan base wants the airline to expand to the states.

The airline uses a mix of content to attract users, such as self-mockery, clips of their planes and trending scenarios and sounds. They’re a good brand for inspiration because they excel at creating unplanned content. Most of their videos are based on viral sounds and experimentation, which have proved extremely popular with TikTok users across the globe.

@ryanair Sensory overload😫😵‍💫 #ryanair #airline ♬ original sound - dede

Honourable Mention… Digital Media Team

Not to toot our own horn *but* it would be a crime to leave ourselves out of this list. We’re never above a bit of shameless self-promo. SO… If you like high-quality, extremely funny and absolutely Oscar-worthy content, follow us on TikTok, @digitalmediateam_.

From Celine Dion impressions to how to successfully steal gallons of oat milk from a communal workspace, you’re in for a wild ride. Thank us later.

@digitalmediateam_ someone stole all the oat milk from the shared fridge? 😧 damn that’s crazy 😳 #fyp #foryou #foryoupage #trending #manchester #digitalmarketing ♬ original sound - Good old british memes

And that concludes our round-up of our current favourite TikTok stars. Think we’ve missed a brand out? Keep up with us on socials, and let us know your chosen list!

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