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5 Fashion Brands Currently Crushing TikTok in 2021 (And Why Your Brand Could Be Next!)

5 Fashion Brands Currently Crushing TikTok in 2021 (And Why Your Brand Could Be Next!)




TikTok is everywhere. The mobile video platform, best known for its humorous video challenges and quirky content, has gone from teen gimmick to a core part of the marketing equation. Brands worldwide are flocking to the app as they aim to engage the predominantly youthful user base, and when they get it right, are seeing very positive results.    

With a partnership with Shopify launched in early 2021, it appears that TikTok’s position in the advertising market is only getting stronger. We’re seeing very low costs on the platform, and with the shakeups to Facebook advertising, it’s likely that more and more brands – especially in the fashion sector – will start to spread their spend. They said that 2019 was the best time to launch your presence on TikTok. Well, the next-best time is now.

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Approximately 41% of TikTok’s audience is between the ages of 16 and 24, with the app providing a nurturing, wholesome space for its close-knit community of young creators. Currently there’s a clear focus on candid, unfiltered content which gives the audience a refreshing look at an industry that once only shone through glossy magazines, catwalks and exclusivity.

We’ve always been big champions of user-generated content, and TikTok offers the perfect space for users to share their takes on brand challenges. By offering a space where users don’t have to put on their ‘Insta-face’, TikTok encouragers consumers to submit their own content and share their self-expression with other users and brands.

Although TikTok’s user base has been growing and growing, there are still many brands struggling to get their heads around it. This gives companies a HUGE opportunity to join the conversation and get closer to the users. By sharing their own native content, brands can humanise themselves and speak to Gen Z in a relatable, familiar environment.  

Luxury French brand Celine has been showing others how to make the most of the platform, by taking on 18 year old “softboi” (what?) influencer Neon Eubanks as the face of their new campaign back in December 2019. By juxtaposing classic French high-fashion with the ultimate Gen Z trend, it shows the impact and clout that TikTok currently holds.

Although some brands straight up refuse to advertise on the platform (millennial luxury eyewear designer Garrett Leight said he has no plans to advertise on TikTok, believing that an influx of advertisements and marketing would “ruin” the fun of the app.), there’s no denying the positive impact that TikTok can have for fashion brands.

Below are five big brands who have made the move over to TikTok and have amassed loyal followings already.

[Note – figures updated March 2021]

  1. Fashion Nova
  2. PrettyLittleThing
  3. ASOS
  4. BooHoo
  5. Selfridges

FashionNova – 2.1m Followers

The infamously trashy US FashionNova are also proving a huge hit on TikTok. Their content mainly comes in the form of outfit challenges and look books, with the brand’s harem of influencers, celebs and models showcasing plenty of glittery products.

PrettyLittleThing – 1.3m Followers

Pink, pink and more pink, the PLT TikTok account fully reflects the fast fashion brand’s candy-coloured identity. With a blend of behind the scenes content and user giveaways, the Kamani company have grabbed onto TikTok with both hands and are really reaping the rewards.

ASOS – 578.2k Followers

Always leading the way on social media, ASOS are using TikTok to offer users a behind-the-scenes look. Their employees take part in challenges, share outfit Inso and put key products under the spotlight.

Boohoo – 483.8k followers

Boohoo have been creeping up the TikTok rankings, and recently dropped their first-ever TikTok song, the creatively-titled ‘It’s From Boohoo Baby’. Boohoo teamed up with American TikTok influencer Kelianne Stankus to help promote the Gen-Z-focused campaign, with influencers such Olivia Bowen and Sophie Piper getting involved in the new dance craze.


IT’S FROM BOOHOO BABY 🔥 Your 3rd @ has to learn this dance! Let them know in the comments 🙌👀💕 @ttlyteala #itsfromboohoo #foryoupage #fyp

♬ itsfromboohoo - boohoo

Selfridges – 107.3k Followers

Luxury retail giant Selfridges have almost reached 100k followers on the app, which is a huge feat! By using their account to highlight exclusive pop-up and store features, they offer interesting content that resonates well with the continuing success of the luxury/streetwear crossover.

With TikTok offering great incentives for new users who sell on Shopify, there’s no better time for your brand to get onboard and start sharing content or running ads. With competition currently fairly low, you’re likely to see some strong results. Many brands are also getting verified status, so if you’re chasing that blue tick, this could be your year…

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