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5 of Our Favourite Halloween Campaigns

5 of Our Favourite Halloween Campaigns




It’s officially spooky SZN! Whether you love it or hate it, Halloween has become one of the biggest marketing dates on the social calendar.

As Halloween falls right before peak Q4 season (we’re talking Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Christmas), having an attention-grabbing campaign will help to attract potential customers right before shopping season starts!

We’ve done a deep dive into some of our favourite Halloween marketing campaigns for your brand or business to take some inspiration from.

Let’s get started, shall we?

Heinz “Creepiest Condiment”

Need some last-minute fake blood for a Halloween costume? In Heinz’s top-notch annual Halloween campaign, the condiment company plays on the fact that so many of us have reached for the ketchup bottle in urgent times of need i.e. a last-minute costume.

So much so that Heinz released their limited edition “Tomato Blood” - the same product, but with a spooky twist. And, of course, no marketing campaign is complete without a social media angle! Heinz encouraged consumers to share their Halloween pictures across socials and it proves a big hit every single year.

ASOS “Day to Fright”

Last year, Asos expanded its marketing efforts for Halloween and incorporated TikTok into its social media strategy! With the video platform seeing rapid growth year on year, Asos launched their ‘Day to Fright’ campaign, which saw the fashion brand partner with a network of creative influencers, make-up artists and content creators. 

The trend instantly went viral, and the hashtag #DayToFright saw thousands of TikTokers transition from casual everyday looks to scary Halloween-ready outfits - most of them using beauty products and clothing from Asos. Overall, the campaign proved to be a huge success and racked up 2.8 BILLION views!

McDonald’s Spooky Menu

McDonald’s was yet another brand that took advantage of the spooky season last year! Using their iconic brand colours and well-known products, they reimagined their menu to create a limited edition “Spooky Menu” for their advertising. 

Featuring their ‘trick or cheese’ and ‘fangtastic’ graphics, it was a very on-brand way to incorporate their products with the Halloween season.


If Coca-Cola belongs to Christmas, then Fanta belongs to Halloween. Every year Fanta takes full advantage of Halloween, releasing products that feature on-pack promotions with prizes and scary surprises to be won! 

Last year, from their Halloween campaign alone, Fanta’s activity saw a 12% increase and contributed an extra £69 million in revenue.

Burger King - Scary Clown Night

Way back in 2017, Burger King knocked their Halloween campaign out of the park! Their Halloween campaign promoted their famous Whopper® burger and used the hashtag #ScaryClownNight.

Burger King offered a free burger to the first 500 people to turn up at selected stores, using the slogan ‘Come as a Clown, Eat like a King’! The campaign led hundreds of people gathering at Burger Kings across the globe and stole the spotlight from competitors such as McDonald's.

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