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5 Tips for Writing Successful Digital Ad Copy

5 Tips for Writing Successful Digital Ad Copy




Whether you're writing copy for a Facebook Ad, Google Ad or Marketing Email, you may find yourself spending so much time on making it look good, that you actually forget about the message itself. Our advice to you, is to never underestimate the power of good words! 

We’ve put together a short yet informative guide to help you to write successful copy that will guarantee to make your audience stop, read, click & BUY!

Focus on Benefits, Not Features

The honest truth about marketing, is that people only really care about how something will benefit them. Although you definitely shouldn't neglect those fancy features, benefits should always play an important role in your digital ad copy. 

Before making a purchase, consumers need to hear how your product or service will change their lives for the better. Check out the following examples to understand the difference between features and benefits in copywriting:

Product: Gym T-Shirt Feature: Breathable fabric Benefit: No more smelly workout clothes!

Product: Sunglasses Feature: Dark Lenses Benefit: No more sore or squinty eyes!

Product: Oven Feature: Heats up in 5 minutes Benefit: Quicker meals, perfect for when you’re in a rush!

If you know your product well, there’s a good chance you’ll be able to identify its benefits, just as quickly as its features!

Be Aware of Character Counts

Now is not the time to start listing all the ins and outs of your product, service or brand. Get straight to the point and tell your audience what it is they want to hear!

If you’re familiar with google ads, you’ll know that the character count is extremely limited. Generally speaking, headlines have a limit of 30 characters and descriptions have a limit of 90. Similarly, it’s also good practise to keep your Facebook copy short and sweet. If a social media user is scrolling, there’s a high chance that they won’t want to stop and read through long paragraphs. 

Maintain a Relevant Tone of Voice 

Your tone of voice doesn’t necessarily need to be unique or creative, but should instead resonate with your ideal customer. For example, if you sell kids clothing, your copy shouldn’t read like a legal document. Likewise, if you sell car insurance, your copy probably shouldn’t include fun puns or punchy headlines. 

As with anything, consistency is always key. When creating your tone of voice, remember that the goal isn’t to sound unique, but to instead accurately reflect the values and principals of your brand.

Include USPs

Okay, now is your time to sound a little bit more unique! Free delivery, student discount, easy returns? Now that’s what your audience wants to hear! Always try to include 1 or 2 USPs when writing any type of digital ad copy. Keep them concise and catchy so that they stand out against the other pieces of text.

Include Keywords

By appropriately incorporating keywords into your advertising, you won’t only increase your search score, but you will also reassure users that they are in the right spot by reiterating their search terms! For example, if someone is searching for a "red dress" but you try to take a different approach by writing the term "rouge frock", the chances of your ad showing up first are very unlikely! 

And there you have it, an exclusive set of DMT tips! Interested in learning more about our Copywriting Services? Get in touch now!