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5 Unexpected Brand Collabs in 2022 So Far

5 Unexpected Brand Collabs in 2022 So Far




A collaboration between two brands is always exciting. But, the more unexpected the collaboration, the better. Who doesn’t love a good crossover episode, after all?

According to recent studies, more brands are actually turning towards brand collabs rather than digital advertising because they can be 25x less expensive than other forms of advertising (depending on the brands, of course)! 

So with the popularity of collaborations consistently on the rise, we’ve picked out some of our favourite and extremely unexpected brand collabs of 2022! 

adidas x Gucci

The tale of two unlikely brands, adidas and Gucci, teamed up to create a recent collaboration. The collection, consisting of 14 pieces, is an equal blend of vintage Italian high-fashion and the nostalgic sportswear brand.

After launching in June, the collaboration became an instant success, with everyone from consumers to influencers and celebrities rushing to buy the limited edition pieces. According to luxury shopping app Lyst, searches for Gucci skyrocketed by 286% in just 48 hours after the collection launch!

Primark x Greggs

Primark and Greggs are back at it again with yet another collaboration. After their eagerly anticipated collection sold out instantly, the newest collection is set to be even more successful.

Launching in August, the collection will be available in all Primark stores nationwide and will feature a mix of new items such as varsity jackets and basketball vests, to the previously loved bucket hat and accessories. Who would've thought that in 2022 our favourite pasty brand would dominate the fashion world?

Duolingo x Scrub Daddy

Up there with one of the wildest collabs of this year, Duolingo and Scrub Daddy announced their recent collaboration with a funny yet equally disturbing TikTok of their two mascots giving birth to their hybrid collab!

If this collaboration taught us anything, it’s that Duolingo wakes up every day and decides to choose chaos.

Balenciaga x Crocs

When we think back to the start of 2022, we definitely didn’t have Crocs becoming high fashion on our bingo cards. But yet, stranger things have happened.

The last collaboration between Balenciaga and Crocs (lest we forget their high-heeled Crocs), surprisingly didn't land as expected. Despite them being a bit of a talking point, commercially they weren’t a huge success.

However, Balenciaga and Crocs reunited this year in another mind-blowing collab, this time placing the focus on platforms. Proving to be an instant success, the collab has since been seen on a number of well-known celebrities!

Dior x Birkenstock

Yet another unlikely fashion collaboration; Dior meets Birkenstock. Once considered the cult ‘dad shoe’ loved by middle-aged men worldwide, Birkenstock managed to create an unforeseen rebrand similar to that of New Balance. Their target audience expanded to not just families, but to the streetwear industry.

Birkenstock's recent collaboration with Dior cemented the company's rebrand. The collection consisting of two styles, both priced at over $1000 dollars, became an instant hit with celebrities and influencers!

And there you have it, our top 5 wildest brand collaborations of 2022 so far! Got a favourite that’s not on our list? Slide into our DMs on socials and let us know yours.

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