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6 Pictures That Are More Manchester Than Manchester

6 Pictures That Are More Manchester Than Manchester




We might be biased here at dmt, but we love Manchester (we’re lucky enough to have our office based in the heart of the Northern Quarter!).

As a city, Manchester is known for many things; its inability to get over the split of Oasis, good ol’ northern humour, excessive tea-drinking habits, football, the questionable concoction of a Wigan Pie and iconic music to name a few. But honestly, the list is endless.

Our concrete utopia is, no doubt, an epicentre for culture. So, for that reason, we decided to do a little ode to Manchester, the place we love so much and round up some of our favourite pictures that represent it.

So here it is, six pictures that are more Manchester than Manchester itself.

THAT New Year’s Eve picture

In 50 years, there is no doubt in our minds that this picture will be studied in sociology lectures across the globe. This picture is nothing short of a post-modern, renaissance masterpiece. Taken on New Year’s Eve in 2016, this photo instantly went viral – and we’re not surprised.

Everything about this picture is so quintessentially Mancunian: The bloke who is scrapping with the police. The girls in the background completely uninterested in anything but their takeaway. The eye-sore of the Arndale. And how could we forget the bloke on the floor? It remains a mystery as to how he ended up there, but the most important thing is that his pint remained unspilled.

To sum up, this picture is art at its finest – a Mancunian treasure trove, which also made for some great memes.

A tale of two reg plates

Never had we seen a more Mancunian photo opportunity. Ben, our director, was quick on the mark with this perfectly timed moment when his car (on the left) met its match. It even got us a feature on accounts like The Manc!

The phrase “Alright r’kid” will forever be synonymous with Manchester, making this photo a perfect representation of the city. If anyone has a reg plate that says “Mad For It”, you know where to find us.

Making a statement

The people of Manchester are no strangers to voicing their opinion and making a statement. In the Northern Quarter, tongue-in-cheek artwork praising Andy Burnham, the Mayor of Manchester, and shunning the government started to crop up during the pandemic. No matter your political opinion, these murals make for very entertaining satire.

This Charming Naan

Manchester is a simple city. If you were to write down a list of things that Mancunians love; curry and The Smiths (Morrisey aside) would most likely make an appearance. So what better than to merge the two? This Charming Naan is a Smiths themed curry house. A completely unnecessary idea, but equally a genius one. We can’t wait to give this a try.

Life imitating meme

Do you remember the days of “Help Out To Eat Out”? When pubs and restaurants were open for a short glimpse of time? We were able to enjoy a meal without having to sit outside in the rain. To have a drink without having to lifelessly inhale a substantial pizza. A luxury.

That all seems like a faded memory at this point. However, if there’s one thing Manchester is known for, it is resilience.

For the short-lived period that we were in tier 2, bars and restaurants quickly came up with imaginative ideas to bypass rules put into place.

Our personal favourites included the “Breakfast tasting menu” at Koffee Pot which circulated across social media. The idea involved separating a fry-up and serving it on small plates as ‘substantial meals’. Common, a local bar, also created a perfect example of life imitating meme.

Quite frankly we’re still not even sure what a “substantial meal” is, and we don’t think we ever will. But the jokes that came from it had a touch of northern humour to them.

The “Manc Walk”

Famed by the likes of Liam Gallagher, Ian Brown and Kevin and Perry, the “Manc Walk” has become an iconic part of Manchester. The walk involves swaggering from side to side with unnecessarily big strides. Whether you like it or not, there are two types of people in Manchester; those who walk like a Manc, and those who try to.

The imprints above are undoubtedly from a Mancunian, and it made for some hilarious memes on social media.

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