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7 Inspirational Father’s Day Campaigns

7 Inspirational Father’s Day Campaigns




Father’s Day is almost here. And like clockwork, brands and businesses have already begun the annual rollout of their Father’s Day-specific marketing campaigns. 

In this day and age, however, these campaigns aren’t just aimed at fathers, but step-parents, foster parents, mums who do the job of both parents or just someone that you care about! With this in mind, marketers have a lot to take into consideration.

The era of predictable Father's Day cards and gifts is well and truly over. Before you reach for the beer, toilet, and golf-related gifts (or, god forbid, another pair of socks), we’ve taken a look at some of the brands that have taken a unique approach to Father’s Day marketing. 

With such a huge wave of content, it’s important to stand out amongst the mass of businesses! We’ve picked out some of the best Father’s Day social campaigns for you to take inspiration from… Whether that’s for marketing purposes or a last-minute present idea!


With barely any dialogue, Nike created a heartwarming and on-brand campaign. Showing a father and daughter practicing some basketball, the advert was dedicated to ‘all of our first coaches’. Selling shoes, but more importantly, the moments spent wearing them adds a personal touch to their marketing strategy.


Ikea rarely puts a foot wrong with their marketing. And Father’s Day is no exception. This year, Ikea has released a Father’s Day spotlight with the ultimate gift guide for every budget. Additionally, their recent campaign focussed on their furniture taking the ‘second-best’ place in the household, offers an endearing scenario, which all too many parents will be familiar with.

New Balance

New Balance is known for its ability to market to anyone from dads to Gen Z teens. With the slogan, ‘Worn by supermodels in London, and dads in Ohio’, it’s really no surprise that New Balance is known to pull a good campaign or two out of the bag. 

To celebrate the dads who are the heart of their brand, New Balance and beer brand, Miller Lite, teamed up to create the one thing dads everywhere didn’t know they needed; the limited edition ‘Shoezie’. Created to keep your dad's beer ‘as cool as he is’, it became the top of everyone’s wish list for reasons we’re still unsure of, but will definitely be adding to our own.


With the advancements in technology, it’s estimated that 94% of teenagers will ask the Internet for advice before their dads. Gillette saw this as an opportunity to create a Father’s Day campaign. 

Titled ‘Go Ask Dad’, the advert centres around young men asking their dads questions vs technology. The result made for a really heartwarming campaign!


When Tesco released its ad campaign for Father’s Day called ‘Tannoy Takeover’, it swiftly generated over 45 million impressions across social media channels. Voicing sweet messages from loved ones across the supermarket chain’s tannoy, the beauty of the campaign was that it was completely unrehearsed.

The fathers featured in the video were unaware of what was about to happen, and the reactions (filmed on hidden cameras) really resonated with social media users, making it a standout and original idea.


US-based clothing company known for creating durable outerwear released an 8-minute-long campaign which highlighted aspects of fatherhood. Featuring Jason Momoa, it shared the journey of father and daughter, all whilst wearing Carhartt dungarees and workwear! 

Think we’ve missed something? Slide into our DMs on socials and let us know which Father’s Day campaigns you think should’ve made the cut!

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