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8 animal Instagram accounts you need to follow ASAP

8 animal Instagram accounts you need to follow ASAP




It’s safe to say that we’re all passionate lovers of animal Instagram accounts here at DMT.

Our feeds are mostly full of snapshots of adorable animals, followed by the odd meme or Kim Kardashian selfie. And these pet Instagram accounts are a serious business; some of them have more followers than celebrity royalty, like Elton John, and some even have more than actual royalty. Grumpy Cat has apparently earned her owner nearly $100 million (although she did deny this) and others have book deals, cameos in TV adverts and even a feature-length film.

But of course, none of this is news to a seasoned Instagram user. We all know our Grumpy Cats, the Doug the Pugs or the JiffPoms. But what about the rest of them? It’s time to get a bit more niche. We’ve compiled our 8 personal favourite animal Instagram accounts below, and no, they’re not all dogs (even though it did take a lot of restraint to not fill this article with pictures of cute pooches!).

1. Smoothie the Cat (@smoothiethecat) 1.5 million followers.

This adorable British Shorthair could easily be the world’s most photogenic cat. Smoothie is the self-proclaimed ‘The Queen of Fluff,’ and from her posts, it’s easy to see why with all the fur bundled around her cute face.

Smoothie has amassed over 1.5 million followers on Instagram, who tune in daily to see what this glamourous cat is up to. As well as a loyal fanbase, this moggy has featured in People Magazine and The Huffington Post, and even has her own app!

Move over Grumpy Cat!

2. Tuna (@tunameltsmyheart) 1.9 million followers


For a dog, Tuna is not what most people find good-looking. This Chihuahua-Dachshund mix has a huge overbite with little teeth sticking out, oversized ears and a long wrinkly neck. It’s no surprise that his owner originally named him after ‘Mr Burns’ the Simpsons character.


But Tuna is surprisingly photogenic even with his goofy face and unusual features. It’s hard not to smile when you see a post pop up in your feed, with Tuna posing awkwardly and his little face gurning at the camera. With nearly 2 million followers, Tuna really does appear to have a positive effect on people’s lives.


3. Juniper & Fig (juniperfoxx) 2.4 million followers

Unlike dogs, foxes only started to be domesticated 50 years ago. Juniper & Fig are two of these domesticized foxes who were born in captivity and descend from fur-farm foxes. Due to their genetic difference from their wild counterparts, they couldn’t be released into the wild, so instead, they live alongside their human owners.

Juniper & Fig’s page is full of snapshots and videos of the two and although the furry red creatures look cuddly, they still have many of their animalistic instincts. Their owner has made it no secret that they’re hard to look after and that they’re not the ideal house pet to have. But their huge fanbase is a testament to how much people love the two foxes.  It’s hard to see why anyone could hunt these cute creatures when you look at Juniper & Fig, and it’s likely their 2.4 million followers would agree with us.

We challenge anyone not to watch one of their clips and melt inside!

4. Pumpkin (@pumpkintheraccoon) 1.5 million followers

Pumpkin is a rescued racoon who lives in the Bahamas with her owner Rosie and her adoptive dog siblings. She watches TV, eats meals at the dinner table and cuddles with her canine siblings, apparently unaware that she isn’t one of them. Her owner Rosie says that “Pumpkin considers the dogs her moms. She respects them when they have had enough rough play.”

This adorable little racoon has stolen our hearts and the rest of the world. On Instagram she’s gained 1.5 million followers, making her page one of the most famous animal Instagram accounts online!

5. Qoo (@qoo_ruru) 110K followers

Qoo is an Asian small-clawed otter who lives in Tokyo with his owner, who regularly shares daily updates of this adorable little water lover.

While it’s illegal to smuggle otters into Japan, once the creatures are in the country it becomes perfectly within the law to own one as a pet. And this has become something of an obsession in Japan; Qoo is not the only famous Instagram otter, but he’s certainly the most entertaining. He often posts cute clips of him swimming happily around in his makeshift pool. While his fan base is not as big as some others, it has amassed to over 110,000 followers on Instagram and is steadily growing.

6. Goats of Anarchy (@goatsofanarchy) 564K followers

What’s more appealing than an Instagram page full of baby goats? Not an awful lot.

Goats of Anarchy is a sanctuary/charity for rescued and disabled goats, as well as other animals such as horses and llamas. These baby goats are bottle fed, and even have prosthetic kegs created for them with pipe insulation tubes and veterinarian’s tape. A few even have speciality ‘wheelchairs’ to help them move around.

The sanctuary’s success is partially due to their half a million followers on Instagram, who donate to the charity whenever they see the daily updates of these cute goats. Goats of Anarchy has a growing following of volunteers also, who go to the farm and help out with the care of animals. There’s even Goat Yoga where each person shares a mat with a goat, but we’re not too sure about that one…

7. Esther The Wonder Pig (@estherthewonderpig) 465K followers

At first, Steve Jenkins thought he’d adopted a micro-pig when he got Esther in 2012. You can imagine how shocked he was when Esther grew into the 450-pound pig she is today (that’s around 32 STONE by the way!). In a bid to help raise funding to cover Esther’s living costs, her owner took to Instagram where he took adorable and funny photos of the large pig. She gathered 100,000 followers in just 80 days; people loved her so much they started sending her clothes and bonnets, which still make many appearances on Esther’s page today.

Just like her size, Esther’s fanbase has grown into nearly half a million followers on Instagram, and that’s not all. Esther is now a New York Times bestseller with the release of her book ‘Esther The Wonder Pig: Changing One Heart At A Time.’ Esther is clearly bringing home the bacon for her owners! And as if she couldn’t get any more impressive, Esther recently beat breast cancer. Is there anything this pig can’t do? She’s certainly living up to her name.

8. Bert (@bogeyedbert) 6K followers

Okay, so maybe Bert doesn’t have as big of a following as the others featured on this blog, but he’s one of our own! A resident of Manchester’s Cat Cafe, Bert is a firm favourite in the city with his unusual stare which gives him the ‘cross-eyed’ look. And that support from his fans is reflected on Bert’s Instagram page which has gathered over 6,000 followers in the past year.

One of his most popular posts features him driving around in a ‘Catmobile,’ so you could say he is practically Batman in feline form. With his black fur and cute features, we’re pretty sure his fanbase will only grow in the future.

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