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A Guide to Beauty Week in the Metaverse

A Guide to Beauty Week in the Metaverse




After the success of Fashion Week, the Metaverse has officially expanded to the beauty industry. With the advancements of Web 3, we’ve seen the Metaverse swiftly defining the future of retail as brands and businesses are becoming more immersed in the digital world. Taking place across Decentraland, Roblox and Spacial, the event has been marketed with the tagline, ‘Reality Gets a Makeover’. 

Imagining beauty brands existing in augmented reality might seem far-fetched, but it’s slowly and steadily seeping into the mainstream. For example, cosmetic brands are constantly creating new ways for their consumers to experience their products. Companies such as Yves Saint Laurent have previously used virtual reality technology to allow customers to try on certain shades of lipsticks and eyeshadows to see which would best suit their skin tone. 

With the digital world constantly evolving, Metaverse Beauty Week is laying the groundwork for new industry trends. We’ve taken a look into Beauty Week, the brands involved and the outcome!

What is Metaverse Beauty Week?

Starting on June 12th, Metaverse Beauty Week (MBW) is a five-day-long event engineered by creative agency Cult. The aim of this is to bring more beauty brands into the Metaverse and, in the process, expand their reach and digital marketing strategy. Set to become an annual occurrence, the event has received worldwide attention, with global press reach standing at 846 million to date! 

With the hope of creating a sensorial experience in the sector, each day comes with its own theme. The virtual spaces are made up of digital experiences, educational videos, how-to tutorials, interactive games and more.  

If you’re completely new to the Metaverse, the official Instagram page for Beauty Week features a whole range of videos explaining everything from how to navigate Decentraland to the ins and outs of creating your personalised avatar.

Which Brands will be Involved? 


High-street and eCommerce retailer Lush is among the big names who have taken part in the event. After leaving Instagram and Facebook in November 2021, the company released an anti-social media statement, claiming that online platforms were not something they wished to contribute to anymore. So, naturally, it came as a big surprise when they were listed as a brand taking part in Metaverse Beauty Week. 

Hosting in an immersive ‘bath bomb atmosphere’ set in Decentraland, an online virtual world where users can buy virtual plots of land in the platform, Lush created a sensory, colourful experience.

After first delving into the Metaverse back in March with the launch of their ‘Lush House’, they’ve made a space for fans of the brand to come together and join in with. As well as having interactive games, they even had a virtual store opening and allowed attendees to enter three different rooms, Fun, Twilight, and Rave, that were exclusively made for the event.


Glossybox is an online beauty retailer that specialises in monthly subscription boxes which feature a variety of skincare and beauty products. With each month focusing on a different theme, their monthly subscriptions start from £11.75. Since launching back in 2011, they’ve attracted an estimated 1.1 million subscribers and counting. 

During their Metaverse event, they shared “glossy drops”, taking visitors on a virtual journey to collect Glossyboxes scattered across Decentraland, offering the incentives such as the chance to win a free Glossybox.

In the run-up to Beauty Week, 200k inserts about the event were dispatched in Glossybox orders across the UK. The campaign proved to be a success as over 49% of Glossybox Metaverse attendees clicked through to the Glossybox site, which is 53X higher than the average CTR for Instagram ads within the beauty industry!


As a Beauty Week ambassador, Neutrogena is at the forefront of the annual first-of-its-kind event. Throughout the week, the renowned cosmetic brand has promoted groundbreaking ways to engage with wider audiences. Actress and brand ambassador Kerry Washington has her very own avatar that guides users through several gamified experiences.

These experiences consist of placing awareness on things such as nutrition, sleep, stress and more. For example, in the stress-themed experience, users are welcomed into a relaxing space with sound baths and breathing exercises. To advance to the next level, users needed to collect bottles of Neutrogena Hydro Boost Hydrating Gel Cleanser. 

Collectively, MBW attendees spent a staggering 29 hours and 25 minutes playing Neutrogena’s games on press day. And overall, there was a 150% higher dwell time in the MBW Beauty Plaza on Decentraland than the average beauty brand site. 

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