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A Quick Guide to Google Ads New Gen Z Music Lineup

A Quick Guide to Google Ads New Gen Z Music Lineup




Google Ads is back at it again with a shiny new tool for your marketing roster. With Gen Z swiftly growing into one of the biggest online consumer groups, global platforms have gone out of their way to understand what kind of material will grab their attention. Enter Gen Z Music Lineup. 

Here’s everything you need to know about the new tool so far!

Why Target Gen Z?

Gen Z is currently between the age brackets of 9 and 24. And as audiences, they are considered the most ‘online’ when compared to other generations and one of the hardest generations to get on the same page with. They’re known for having more niche interests, consuming vast amounts of content, their obsession with TikTok trends and endless memes. But this often leaves a lot of marketers in the dark about how to tailor their strategies to resonate with them! Every day there is a new trend or topic to keep up with, and it’s easy to fall out of the loop.

Overall, Gen Z spend a staggering 67.7% of their media time on social platforms alone, and they’re attributed to shaping culture in today’s society, more specifically, with their music preferences. A key example of this is TikTok. Heavily used by Gen Z, once a song goes viral across TikTok, it can change the trajectory of an artist’s career, going from completely unknown to No.1 in the charts instantly. In a study, it was found that 63.83% of TikTok songs had gone viral because of the strength of organic posting. 

So, it’s clear that tapping into the interests of Gen Z via the music they stream could be a solid marketing move. The latest move by Google Ads does exactly that, taking the peak interests of Gen Z and using these to tailor its marketing efforts.

What is the Gen Z Music Lineup Tool?

YouTube has unveiled AI-powered ads to help advertisers connect with Gen Z in more ways than one. Google has identified that Gen Z has a huge impact on the cultural zeitgeist, and their new tool now provides marketers with an opportunity to better connect with the internet-savvy generation.

The new music lineup tool uses frequently refreshed data across audio, long-form and YouTube Shorts to identify trending songs among 18 to 24-year-olds. Using AI, Google then gathers this data to package music videos into the Gen Z Music Lineup. If a marketer buys the lineup, the advertisers’ campaign will then be served alongside any content that uses the music and therefore help a brand be at the forefront of Gen Z culture. 

With over 1.5 billion logged-in users and 50 billion fairly views, YouTube Shorts has become a popular platform amongst Gen Z, so it’s an ideal place to attract and advertise to a younger audience.

The Benefits of the Music Lineup 

According to Pew, more teens in the USA use YouTube than any other platform. And Gen Z music fans are open to discovering and consuming music across multiple formats. 

The new music ad solution aims to directly target younger generations and has many benefits, such as:

  • Identifying new audiences who watch videos, products and services related to your brand or business.

  • The music lineup aims to give brands and businesses a competitive edge by staying tuned to the trending music that’s popular among Gen Z audiences. As a result, this will contribute to increasing brand engagement, relatability and ROI (return on investment).

  • The new tool is predicted to give more valuable data and a more in-depth understanding of Gen Z audiences. Overall, it’ll be an effective way to align with the Gen Z mindset and drive business growth. 

Although Google Ads' music lineup is a new tool, we have no doubt that it’ll become a part of businesses' marketing strategy going forward, and it’s set to become a valuable tool in appealing to the Gen Z demographic.

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