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AFC Swan’s 80km Charity Bike Ride for Sam’s Gift

AFC Swan’s 80km Charity Bike Ride for Sam’s Gift




Fancy an 80km bike ride from Tottington to Blackpool in this heatwave? No, we wouldn’t be up for it either, but the incredible team that is AFC Swan gave up a Saturday lying in the sun to cycle almost 50 miles in the blistering heat. All for the fantastic cause that is Sam’s Gift – a charity that helps support teenagers and young adults with cancer.

We couldn’t have been prouder to have sponsored such an amazing group of lads – including our very own Design Manager, Regan Prestwood.

AFC Swan: Charity Bike Ride

We caught up with our Regan to get the lowdown on how it all went…

Can you tell us a little bit about the story behind the bike ride and what the raised money will be helping with?

So, we originally always had it in our heads that after we won the league earlier this year we would try to sort out an end-of-season do (hoping restrictions were lifted). Then Danny, founder of Sam’s Gift (and our Central Midfielder) proposed the cycle down to Blackpool and to go out in the nighttime. The money will be going towards helping young adults and teenagers diagnosed with cancer at The Christies.

How far did you cycle?

We cycled from The Swan Hotel in Tottington to the Blackpool Tower, which is roughly around 50miles/80km.

What made you choose that route?

We had a company that routed it for us and followed us down in a van to pick up any stragglers along the way if they got lost, had a tyre puncher, or just couldn’t hack the ride (haha).

What was the toughest part?

There were MANY tough parts but I’d probably say the last hour from Lytham St Annes in Blackpool. Just because we were on the coast so we all assumed it wouldn’t be too far off but that was the longest hour of my life.

What was your favourite moment?

Either the halfway point where we stopped off at a pub for some food or the relief of putting the bike down outside the tower, lying flat on the ground for a solid half an hour.


How much have you raised so far?

We’ve raised £3,260! And we’re still accepting donations…

Who are the AFC Swans? How long have you all known each other?

We’ve been playing together for the Swan for 2/3 seasons now but we’ve all either grown up together, been to college together or played football with each other throughout our lives – we’re a very tight-knit group!

Have you got any other charity events planned?

Not at the moment but Sam’s Gift is always looking for the next event to place. One of them suggested cycling to Benidorm next season and it was shut down immediately!

Go on, tell us about the bike itself, we know you’ve been dying to…

Honestly, I’ve never even ridden on a road bike before this so it was all new to me. We got given the bikes off the company that followed us down – except for the two of us who decided it would be a good idea to cycle it on mountain bikes… psychos!


Thanks, Regan! And a MASSIVE well done to you and the entire team for raising such an incredible amount of money for such a fantastic cause. If you’d like to donate/read a little bit more about the story behind this bike ride, follow this link.