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Ben Young Shortlisted for Digital Leader of the Year

Ben Young Shortlisted for Digital Leader of the Year




We’re HUGELY proud to announce that our Ben has been shortlisted for the Digital Leader of the Year award at this year’s Digital City Awards! 🏆


The Digital City Awards recognise and reward the organisations, teams and individuals who are helping to build a better future through technology.

The winner of the Digital Leader of the Year will be decided by a combination of judges’ scores and the public vote. We’d LOVE it if you could vote for Ben, here’s the link to do so.

(Scroll down past the photos to the Vote section, then fill in your email address, pick Ben Young from the dropdown, click submit. Remember to verify your vote – you’ll receive an email straight after submitting.)

To get you going, here’s the full excerpt of our nomination. We hope it’ll inspire you – and the judges – into picking Ben for this award.

“Ben has worked in the team for up to five years now, progressing from salesman to sales manager, from head of department right up to directorship. His loyalty and dedication to the company is absolutely faultless – to say that Ben Young lives and breathes DMT is an understatement!

“Over his years with DMT, Ben has helped guide a vast array of eCommerce companies into the modern world of digital marketing whilst moving away from traditional media. A true expert in his field, he has been involved in the world of paid social from the days of basic traffic campaigns through to the multi-faceted giant it is today. Like the industry he works for, Ben is constantly on the move, proactively searching for new ways to inspire & improve not only his team but the clientele as well.

“With a colourful background of buying and selling, including a time where he hand-stitched personalised diamantes onto Ed Hardy clothing (who funnily enough are now a client!), Ben was always destined to hit dizzying heights.

“Ben’s brought our agency into the mainstream, consistently setting himself ambitious goals and reaching them with ease. As Sales Director, he’s reached the very top of his career ladder and his main focus now is bringing up a fierce team to stand alongside him. His objective is his team and it’s heartwarming to see how proud he is of each and every one of us. Last year, even in the midst of a pandemic, he brought on over £100k in new business and hired 9 new staff members – with even bigger plans for 2021!

“Ben has been at the forefront of helping small businesses get through the changes COVID made to online advertising by implementing new strategies and hosting a series of free webinars. To have successfully grown the agency in the midst of a pandemic is a huge achievement, and his forward thinking has helped us to bring on four new service offerings over the past 12 months. He capped off an incredible year by featuring in The Manc for his iconic reg plate (pretty sure this makes him the most Manc agency owner around, don’t you agree?).

“Challenges include the ever-changing industry that we work in, with the upcoming iOS changes the biggest obstacle to face. If Ben wasn’t proactive and always going at a mile a minute (seriously, he never stops) then he would struggle to keep up. Luckily, Ben’s passion and drive is like no other, and he’s constantly keeping himself knowledgeable with changes and trends across the digital landscape.

“I can truly say, as a member of his team, I’ve never known a leader quite like Ben. He’s funny, selfless, brilliant, clever – a real character! He’s definitely a person to watch. No matter how many knocks he gets, he comes back bigger and stronger. He truly cares for the welfare of his team and always fights tooth and nail to give them the best opportunities for personal growth. I’ve never known someone more deserving of this title and I would love to see him getting the recognition of the incredible work he’s done and continues to provide.”

The winner will be revealed live at the Digital City Awards ceremony on April 15th. Watch this space!

Oh, and just to reiterate – vote now.

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