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2024’s Best Dry January Campaigns

2024’s Best Dry January Campaigns




Dry January 2024 is nearing its end - it’s time for those who are going back on the bev to rejoice, and those who’ve found a new way of life in the benefits of Dry January to feel positive about the year to come.

For those of us with a marketer’s eye, Dry January has been a month packed full of ingenious campaigns, and with the market of non-alcoholic alternatives growing by 35% in the US last year (according to Nielsen data), it’s clear that alcohol brands need to get with the programme if they want to make a splash in this fast-growing market.

Best Dry January Campaigns 2024

Heineken 0.0 says “Don’t Bale on Your Mates”

With the friend group avoiding the bar during Dry Jan, Heineken cleverly suggests you can still head to the boozer and enjoy a 0.0% lager. Plus, if you don’t Gareth Bale, you could even bump into a Premier League footballer.

Lucky Saint, Lead Us Not into Temptation

Alcohol-free beer brand Lucky Saint has turned the religious iconography up to 11 with their out-of-home advertising. Last year, they filled the London Underground with ads protesting “Lead Me Not into Temptation” and featuring nuns taking a sip of the heavenly beverage.This year, they’ve doubled down on the saintly nature of their drinks with more OOH ads. Phrases like “Thou Shalt Go to the Pub” and “Rejoice” adorn the billboards of their latest Dry January campaign.

Athletic Brewing’s Track Record

Encouraging you to “Give Dry a Try” this year, Athletic Brewing Co. has built an app for that. Using their “Track Record” app, you can count your sober days, as well as check your longest sober streak. A really great way of having your product baked in for an audience to see any time they’re logging on.

Bringing Dry Back with Blue Moon

These customers might not be sticking to the alco-free lifestyle, but they’ll be over the moon with this offer. In a campaign called “Dry-Back January”, Blue Moon is offering US customers a free six-pack of regular Blue Moon in February when they purchase a non-alcoholic six-pack during Dry Jan. That’s twice the beer with half the hangover - a deal we can get on board with!

Press for Bubly

Inspired by the viral “Press for Champagne” trend, sparkling water brand Bubly gave customers in the United States the chance to win a button that delivers Bubly to their door in under an hour. The campaign ran on January 10th, known as “Quitter’s Day”, as it’s the day when people are most likely to fall off the Dry Jan bandwagon.The first thousand signups to the site also won a free eight-pack of Bubly, too. Now that’s sure to give their January a little extra sparkle.

Brewdog’s Alcohol-Free Bar

Following the launch of their massively innovative low and no-alcohol range, Brewdog opened the first ever “Alcohol-Free Beer Bar” in East London. Featuring fifteen taps of Brewdog’s “AF” range as well as guest drafts, the bar is one of the first of its kind and undoubtedly the last.

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