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Black Friday mission completed: DMT generate over £1M in revenue for clients

Black Friday mission completed: DMT generate over £1M in revenue for clients




It was another bumper Black Friday for eCommerce brands, with figures from Shopify showing that merchants generated over $37 million per hour at peak times on the big day. The trend for Black Friday sales, which began in the US, has clearly made its mark in our own nation, as London ranked as the second highest purchasing city in the world.

Despite the successes online, it was a year to forget for high street retailers, as footfall dropped to the lowest level since the 2008 recession. Footfall at shopping malls, retail parks and high streets fell 3.2% in November, despite the Black Friday effect. It appears that Black Friday damages physical retailers, pushing buyers to shop online.

At DMT, we’re not surprised at all. It was impossible to open your email inbox or scroll through your newsfeed without being hit by a tempting offer, and many of us bought one too many items, despite Black Friday falling before payday (a cruel joke!).

Now onto the exciting bit. It was our second Black Friday, and with a huge client base of hungry ecommerce retailers to satisfy, we had a big job on our hands. Luckily our team were happy to put in the hours, working tirelessly to ensure all clients were ready and raring to go. After tonnes of pizza, a couple of breakdowns and a graphic designer whose hair literally turned white (we’re not kidding), all campaigns were live and the sales starting pouring in.

We totalled up our results across our client base and here’s how they look…:

Total spend: £41,500

Total revenue: £1,008,865

Average ROAS (with the top ROAS sitting at £66): £24.31

Number of purchases: 31,916

Pretty good, right? Needless to say, we had a LOT of happy clients. The biggest successes were seen where we combined paid social and PPC, hitting customers on multiple channels. You can take a look back at our Black Friday tips here.

If your Black Friday fell flat, we’re here to help. Get in touch with our experts for an audit of your paid social and/or PPC. We’ll give you some tips on where you can tighten things up and reduce wastage.