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Digital Marketing Could Be the Career Power Move for You

Digital Marketing Could Be the Career Power Move for You


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Not to blow our own trumpet or anything, but at DMT we think we’ve got it pretty good. As jobs go, a career in digital marketing certainly has its perks. Swanky office, exciting clients, fun co-workers, the latest industry tech, varied workdays, flexi-time…. we could go on…

If you’ve ever looked for a new job, you’ve probably got fed up with employers asking what you’ll bring to the table. While your credentials are important, we’ve decided to take a different tack. This blog will be sure to let you know what a job in digital marketing could do for you 😉

If you’re thinking of making your next career move a step into digital marketing, read on to find out why you absolutely should.

It’s a modern, and modernising industry…

The world is going digital: everyone from your dog to your nan has a social media account. Amazon is delivering packages at increasingly alarming speeds, and there’s a new dance craze by the hour. Digitalisation is endlessly dynamic and unstoppable. If this all sounds fascinating to you, you’re our kind of person.

This dog has over 10 million followers…

Far from being left behind in the dust as technology advances, digital marketers keep their eyes on the prize and follow their audience wherever their daily digital journey takes them – from email, to TikTok, to messaging apps, and beyond. The tech-savvy remain on top.

If you’re already a social media whizz, you could be getting paid for doing what you love. Whether that’s writing the most attention-grabbing captions, planning the most engaging and relevant content, or keeping up to date with what’s hot.

But if you’re less of an online artiste and more of a numbers geek, never fear, there’s something for you too. You’ll be thrilled to discover that today’s most junior marketer has more tech tools and data at their fingertips than the CEOs of the world’s biggest companies did just two decades ago.

If you’re looking for something ever-young, fast-paced, and with longevity, digital marketing might just be the industry for you.

It’s a sure-thing in the post-pandemic economy…

You’ve heard it all before, “in these uncertain times”, we’re all looking for a bit of stability. A role in digital marketing could be just that.

The pandemic shook things up slightly for most, if not all businesses. Those who had favoured traditional marketing were forced to boost their digital profile to retain engagement. Some even altered their entire operation to prioritise online activities.

This change left many businesses with a knowledge gap. They filled this with, you guessed it, super clever digital marketing specialists!

Know your worth.

Heading towards a post-pandemic economy, we’ll be left with much more tech-savvy consumers, constantly demanding more and more from the online presence of the brands they interact with. As a result, employment opportunities in the digital marketing industry will only grow from here.

Companies simply can’t afford to avoid digital marketing, regardless of the industry they’re in. This makes it a reliable and secure career option now and into the future.

We’re soooo popular…

As we’ve already mentioned, skilled digital marketers are in high demand.

What? We can’t help that everyone wants us! 😌

In fact, according to LinkedIn, “Digital Marketing Specialist” is among the top 10 most in-demand jobs.

But it is for a good reason, we’re a talented bunch. For newbies to the digital marketing scene, that means loooads of opportunities for developing your skills while learning on the job.

Year-on-year patterns show the highest growth in skills across Facebook and Instagram marketing, content marketing, creative problem solving, branding and more.

This suits both youngsters making their first step into a career a productive one, and the more experienced crowd moving over from other industries. Whether through an internship, a grad role, or a career change, there’s room for growth in a digital marketing role.

It’s flexible AND fun!

This is no stuffy office job. Digital marketing is varied and challenging. No two days are the same, and with a variety of clients from different industries, your skills are sure to be tested and expanded on the daily. However, when part of our job is to keep updated with the latest TikTok trends, we can’t complain…

Plus, if DMT is anything to go off, digital marketing is a bloomin’ good time. With a social and collaborative working culture, casual dress and free beer after 3 pm, we’re always bragging to our friends about our super cool work-life 😎

But we’re not the only ones. Many digital marketing agencies are moving towards more adaptable workspaces and hours. When all your work is conducted, saved, and uploaded online, flexible working is more than just a possibility.

When it comes to office spaces, digital marketing employers are rethinking their purpose. Many are working towards an environment designed to foster teamwork, creativity and a sense of connection lost during the pandemic.

So, whether you’re a bright young thing looking for your very first step into an exciting career, or a veteran of the workplace ready to spice up your existing job history, we’re sure we’ve convinced you that digital marketing is the direction to take.

Check in regularly with DMT to see when we’re hiring. Follow us on LinkedIn for our latest updates on all things digital marketing. If you’re feeling brave, you could even get in touch via the contact form on our website. Go on, we promise we don’t bite.