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DMT Wrapped: Best Social Media Moments of 2021

DMT Wrapped: Best Social Media Moments of 2021


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2021 has been a hell of a year. We’ve gone from being trapped in our own four walls to moshing in packed stadiums and, in some places, right back again. It’s not just the physical world that has been in chaos this year, the digital world has been pretty crazy too, and no doubt, before the clock strikes midnight on December 31st, much more havoc will unfold.

Let’s take the time now to look back over this year’s most talked-about social media moments.

1. Bernie and His Mittens

On a day that was supposed to centre around the inauguration of President Joe Biden, a cosy man in his mittens stole the show. The former presidential candidate and senator for Vermont, Bernie Sanders, was just wrapping up for the January chill; little did he (or any of us) know he would soon become January’s biggest headliner.

Plus, if you want to channel your inner Bernie and keep out the winter chill, you can purchase ‘Bernie’s Mittens’ off Etsy alongside mugs, posters and other ridiculous items.

2. The Colin v Cuthbert Twitter Feud

The infamous Twitter feud between M&S and Aldi will undoubtedly go down in British social media history. There were memes, there were threads, and there were legitimate lawsuits. The tragedy of seeing Aldi’s Cuthbert the Caterpillar behind bars created a movement – yes, this really is the world we live in.

3. Nicki Minaj’s Cousin’s Friend’s Balls

The tagline says it all. But in case you need some more clarification, rapper Nicki Minaj made some tweets highlighting her uncertainty about getting vaccinated for COVID-19. As is only natural in this situation, she cited her cousin’s friend’s testicles becoming ‘swollen’ after his vaccination as evidence for her comments.

After Twitter went wild, the Trinidad & Tobago Health Minister, Dr Terrence Deyalsingh, held a press conference responding to the speculation and shockingly confirmed that no such swollen testicle cases had been reported.

4. Jackie Weaver & the Handforth Parish Council Meeting

A moment none of us realised we needed. Way back in February (yes, it was this year), plucky 17-year-old Shaan Ali took to Twitter, documenting the infamous Parish Council meeting which introduced the world to bad-ass heroine Jackie Weaver. There really was no authority here, the whole meeting was pure chaos, but Jackie Weaver took none of it.

5. Tom Daley’s Olympic Knitting

Forget the actual sporting events and the infamous cardboard beds, the number 1 moment from Tokyo 2020 was undoubtedly seeing national treasure Tom Daley knitting up a storm in the stands. His wholesome knitted creations captured the public’s hearts, and let’s be honest that medal pouch was just adorable.

6. The Harry & Meghan Interview

After they had just clambered out of the hot water, this pushed old Lizzy and the fam right back in again. There were accusations of racism, lack of support for Meghan’s mental health, and Harry revealing his estranged relationship with Prince Charles and his brother William. The whole thing even had Oprah in shock, and she’s seen a lot.

In case you haven’t caught up with all the drama, you can read about it here on the BBC.

7. #FreeBritney

All the writers in Hollywood couldn’t have penned a better script; a small-town girl finds incredible fame only to be struck down by her father. Will she ever reclaim her freedom?

A resounding yes! After an endless legal battle against her dad, everyone’s favourite 00s icon, Britney Spears, has won, and we are all celebrating. Not only that, but Paris Hilton has got married, and Lindsey Lohan is back acting – the girl band is back together, and we can all rest easy.

8. Kim Kardashian at the Met Gala

Let’s just say if it’s heads she wanted to turn, damn did she nail it. We’ve seen some pretty icon Met Gala moments over the years, but Kim K coming as a mystery Pokemon has taken the biscuit. We salute you.

What a recap! If any more proof was needed that this year has been weird, these events have cemented it. We hope you enjoyed reliving some of the most cringeworthy, tear-jerking and just downright ridiculous moments as we did. Here’s to 2022!

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