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DMT x ROI Hunter: Managing & Scaling Multiple Client Ad Accounts

DMT x ROI Hunter: Managing & Scaling Multiple Client Ad Accounts




Digital Media Team have been using ROI Hunter for over a year now, helping us to manage a large number of Facebook ad accounts. As a fast-growing agency with a large eCommerce client base, our creative teams have found ROI Hunter hugely beneficial. Here’s some more information on the partnership and how it benefits the paid social and design teams.

Hi guys. Can you introduce yourselves?

Cam: My name’s Cam and I’m the Paid Social Manager here at DMT.

Tim: I’m Tim, I head up the design department.

What attracted you to ROI Hunter in the first place?

Cam: There were multiple benefits of using the platform that attracted us to it. The efficiency and speed of uploading has been a great help, as well as the ease of uploading multiple assets for different placements. Another huge benefit are the multiple creative options we can use for Dynamic Product ads. Using ROI Hunter has also allowed us to scale clients effectively with the use of rules that we can place on different campaigns.

How do Digital Media Team use ROI Hunter?

Tim: Primarily we use ROI hunter for the DPA catalogue (Dynamic Product Ad catalogue)

Generally speaking DPAs are the most powerful ad placements on Facebook, but usually these ads are very plain looking, showing the 1st eCom shot that is visible on site (yawn).

Cam: On the paid social team, we make use of different rules to help us monitor and optimise the accounts, which helps especially when we are out of office. We can set rules to be actioned when a specific KPI is met.

For Dynamic ads we can pull through a huge variety of variables which we want to showcase using the catalogue. This enables us to have different templates for multiple collections on site. We can also set up a rule which allows us to have a bespoke template on a specific timeframe. For example, if a client has free delivery on the weekend, we can set a template up that will kick in for the weekend to show this. The best part is that we don’t have to have someone who manually does this during out of office hours either.

What benefits does ROI Hunter offer to Digital Media Team and its clients?

Cam: The major benefits to us as an agency is that it’s allowed us to save large amounts of time when optimising and uploading ads. Uploading multiple ads to Facebook is a very time consuming process whereas ROI Hunter allows us to do it within a fraction of the time. For clients, it ensures that ads are scheduled on time and there is an extra level of monitoring on the account at all times.

Tim: With ROI Hunter we can manipulate the feed in a variety of different ways. We like to create design templates that match our other campaigns, as this helps create a strong consistency with the branding and design. Not only that, we can add different designs based on a product’s properties. Let’s say for example with a product that is not on sale we can add a generic border, but if that product goes into sale we add switch to a big red border complete with sale wording.

We can also create styles based on whether the stock is new, if it is low in stock and so on – this is all completely dynamic as well so there is no room for human error, and it means that the creative will change on an hourly basis based on certain rules that can be set in place.

Since using the templates we have seen vast improvements with our accounts as it makes them stronger feed disruptors. We can also schedule design templates to turn on and off as and when we choose, this is highly beneficial when keeping on top of promotions.

The benefits for the client is that they get complete access to software that would be a cost to them in the tens of thousands of pounds by using us as their agency. The overall benefit is unrivalled.

Adding a DPA template can help draw attention to ads in the feed

What do DMT think of ROI Hunter as a whole?

Tim: Overall I think ROI hunter has changed the way we market our campaigns, it is a unique piece of software that very few companies have access to.

Cam: ROI Hunter has been extremely beneficial to us as a company but also to our clients. We’ve been very impressed with the high level of tech support and plethora of options available to take Facebook campaigns to the next level. This means as an agency we’ve been involved in new tests coming to the platform, such as connecting Google Analytics and Google shopping to our Facebook ads. This has allowed us to integrate Facebook/Instagram effectively into the marketing mix and utilise cross channels trends within our campaigns.

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