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Employee Spotlight: Darcy

Employee Spotlight: Darcy




Once again, DMT is growing more and more! Say hello to Darcy, our latest Copywriter. We sat down with the speakeasy and coffee fan who shared her pretty incredible dream dinner party.

The Work Stuff 📈

Tell us about your background. What led you to DMT?

I first came to Manchester when I started uni here in 2019; since then, I fell in love with the city and couldn’t imagine being anywhere else. After graduating with a degree in History, I decided I really wanted to pursue a career where I could expand my writing skills. Working in a fun and energetic workspace is really important to me, and it’s one of the things I love about DMT.

What is something unique that you think you bring to the role?

Something unique that I bring is that I’m full of facts; I love learning about new things and having a DMC about all kinds of stuff.

What’s something you want your colleagues to know about you?

If you’re getting a coffee, I’m 100% down.

The Personal Stuff 👨‍💻

What three words would your friends use to describe you?

Honest, Funny and Small

What’s your favourite cultural moment of this past year and why?

Bridgerton season 2 had a hold on me. I was obsessed, and thankfully so was the rest of the internet.

What’s your hobby or passion project outside of work?

I love to workout, and I’m a big foodie. Those are probably the things that take up the majority of my time outside of work. 

What’s your guilty pleasure?

Every season of Below Deck.

What causes are you supportive of, and why?

I’m vegetarian, so I’m definitely passionate about the plant-based lifestyle and the little changes we can make to create a greener planet. I’m also a really proud feminist and love to learn more and more about intersectional feminist causes.

The Fun Stuff 🥂

Give us your best Manchester bar recommendation.

My bar recommendation would definitely have to be Schofields. It's run by two brothers, and it's got a jazz/speakeasy vibe to it. They do seasonal menus full of really unique cocktails, so there's always something new to try.

If you were a social media platform, which one would you be and why?

I’m not really sure, maybe something like Pinterest. I’m very organised, and feeling like I have my life together is very important.

Who would be your five dream dinner party guests, dead or alive?

Taylor Swift, Harry Styles, Lizzo, Andrew Garfield, Florence Pugh.

Quickfire Qs 🎯

What are you watching?

Only Murders in the Building

What are you reading?

Klara and the Sun by Kazou Ishiguro

What are you listening to?

Running up that Hill - Kate Bush

Who are you ignoring?

Klarna 😬

Who are you following?

Mob Kitchen.

Thanks for sharing, Darcy! We can't wait to hear about all your interesting history facts & the latest veggie meals you decide to whip up!