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Employee Spotlight: Jamie

Employee Spotlight: Jamie




The dmt team are back together once again! It’s been a long time coming and feels a little bit like life is getting back to normal again. As if that wasn’t enough reason to celebrate, we’ve got some new team members, of course. Grab a coffee and let’s get to know Jamie, our latest PPC Exec. a little better. with our next edition of the Employee Spotlight.

Tell us about your role at DMT.

I work alongside Lauren and Rhyse looking after our clients’ Google ads, creating new campaigns and optimising their existing ones.

What attracted you to the company?

I got the impression from the Instagram and blog posts and stuff that it is a company that actually cares about and values every member of staff, rather than them just being cogs in a machine like places I’ve worked in the past.

Tell us something special you think you bring to the role.

My winning smile. And I’m pretty good with data and spreadsheets.

What kind of challenges do you face in your role?

I found speaking with clients in meetings surprisingly challenging at first, but I’m becoming increasingly comfortable with it the more I do it.

What has been the highlight of your experience so far?

I found it really satisfying to build my first brand new account from scratch, making tweaks here and there and seeing him develop. The fact I’ve come from knowing almost nothing about PPC two months ago to building whole campaigns by myself is something which gives me a modest little glow of pride.


If you were a social media platform, what would you be and why?

Bit cringe but I think maybe Tumblr, because it satisfies my penchant for artsy and music stuff and it also lets you mess around with the HTML code to customise your theme.

Where do you think the best cup of coffee in Northern Quarter is from?

Can I say Greggs?

What advice would you give to other PPC Executives out there?

Make loads of notes. Notes are your friends.

Thanks, Jamie! And for the record, we did bring up the fact he thinks the best cup of coffee is from Greggs is weird, we’re working on it. Don’t worry…

We’ll be back soon with our next Employee Spotlight, as the dmt empire continues to grow! If you want to know more about what Jamie and the team do for dmt, head to our website here.