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Employee Spotlight: Jinx 🐶

Employee Spotlight: Jinx 🐶




We're back again with another employee spotlight. Say hello to Jinx, our youngest office pup! We sat down and chatted away with the sausage-lovin' Bocker, who told us all about her very im-paw-tant role here at DMT.  

Life In The Office 💻

What attracted you to DMT?

Tbh, I originally thought I was being taken to the park, so was quite disappointed when I was brought into an office with loads of weird people doing baby voices. I’ve stayed since, as mum says, I’ve “gotta earn my keep”. 

What is something unique that you think you bring to the office?

Mum would probably say farts, but that hurts my feelings. I’m actually very im-paw-tant. I keep the humans safe by eating the plants - I reckon they’re very poisonous. You’re all welcome.  

What is something you want the humans to know about you?

Mum tells everyone not to feed me ‘cause I “never stop eating”, but it’s not true. I never have enough; please go ahead and feed me secretly under the desk.

What kind of challenges do you face in the office?

Well, I am pretty short, so it’s hard for me to see everything that’s going on. I like to jump up on the desk to get a better view, but nobody seems to be happy with me when I do that.

The Personal Stuff 🐾

What three words would your owner use to describe you?

Greedy, cute, psychotic.

What’s your favourite treat and why?

Sausages. No, chicken. Actually, maybe sausages… Can I have both? 

What’s your hobby outside of work?

Sprinting. Inside the house. 

What is something you don’t want your owner to know?

I’d run away with anyone that gave me sausages or chicken. I just stick with them for now, as they feed me the most. I’m not #loyal.

The Fun Stuff 🦴

Where is the best place to go for a walk in Manchester?

Well, I actually live in Wazza, but mum takes me to St John’s Gardens when we’re at the office in Manchester, and I like eating the daffodils and running from her there. 

If you could eat one human food for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Have I mentioned sausages or chicken before? Probably that. 

Which famous dog would you like to be friends with and why?

Clifford The Big Red Dog. Even though I’ve apparently “stopped growing”, my dream is to be as big as him. Mum’s just jealous because she’s a short arse. Dunno why she’s projecting that onto me.

Who in the office provides the best belly rubs?

Mum calls him Uncle Ollie, I think? I would appreciate it happening more, though, can we schedule a daily belly rub meeting?

Thanks for sharing Jinx! We can't wait to have you back in the office and hear all about those lovely chicken dinners cooked by your mum Aimee!