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Employee Spotlight: Joe

Employee Spotlight: Joe




We’ve had a huge few months at DMT – bringing on even more clients and even more services to our little digital agency here in Manchester. So naturally, we’re expanding our team too. We recently welcomed Joe to our Content Team. Let’s get to know him a little, shall we?


Tell us about your role at DMT.

I’m a content writer, which means my role is writing copy for different social media platforms that our clients use to advertise with. I also get to write blog posts too, which is a lot of fun!

What attracted you to our company?

I’ve lived in Manchester for just under two years and the one area that I’m constantly drawn to is Northern Quarter. The neighbourhood has such a personality and you always know what you’re getting, so when I found that DMT was based here I knew the team would be friendly, fun-loving and creative guys.

Tell us something special you think you bring to the role.

Now I don’t wanna toot my own horn, but I think I’m a really creative person! I love getting invested in a project and doing whatever I can to make it shine. If there’s ever a chance to show off and make something sparkle I’m on it.

What kind of challenges do you face in your role?

This is my first full time writing job, so right now it’s a bit of a learning curve, not just learning all the processes but also doing the 9-5 and living the office life! I’m used to working nights and weekends at bars and restaurants, so this is a big challenge but a welcomed one.


What has been the highlight of your experience so far?

Getting to know the team, especially the girls working on content with me. I hope they like me. (They do!)

If you were a social media platform, what would you be and why?

Twitter, without a doubt. I can be funny, I sometimes give a hot take, and I can get annoying if you spend too much time around me.

Where is the best cup of coffee in Northern Quarter?

Ezra & Gill’s iced latte with hazelnut syrup and coconut milk is a fantastique beverage.

What advice would you give to other content writers out there?

It’s taken me a year from graduating from my Master’s and almost ten years of being an adult to get to my first writing job. It’s been an uncertain journey but I never thought I’d get here and now I am. If you’d said I’d be working at a digital agency in Manchester, writing for a living this time last year I wouldn’t have believed you. Just keep at it, keep doing what you’re doing, and remember it’s never too late for an opportunity to arise.

Thanks Joe! 🔥 The rest of the team have been really impressed with your work so far.

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