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Employee Spotlight: Liv

Employee Spotlight: Liv




It’s been a while since we’ve had a new recruit, and so much has changed since then! We’ve moved into our new office, we’re growing our client base, and we went semi-viral on TikTok. It’s all very exciting. But today, we’re chatting to Liv, who has been working as a content writer for us since the start of July. Let’s get to know more about her in this edition of Employee Spotlight!


The Work Stuff 📈

Tell us a little bit about working as a content writer at DMT.

I help to write copy for paid social, PPC ads, emails, and blogs for different clients. I love adapting to the variety of tones our clients set us, especially the ones that give us the freedom to be fun and creative with puns and emojis.

Tell us about your background. What led you to this career/industry?

I did a four-year undergraduate MA in English Literature at Edinburgh University, basically just because I love reading and writing. When it came to deciding on a career step after uni, I looked for something creative and word-based, in a future-thinking industry. When DMT popped up, I was excited to meet the brains behind those ads that always seem to know exactly what I want to buy online… 🕵️‍♀️

What is something unique that you think you bring to the role?

Not that unique, but youth – at 22, I’m one of the youngest members of the team, making me the Gen Z consumer representative on the inside of digital marketing! I think that gives me a slight edge over some of the ‘millennial’ team members when it comes to keeping DMT up to date on the latest TikTok trends 😉

What’s something you want your colleagues to know about you?

I’m not ignoring you, I’m probably just zoning out and having an introvert recovery moment.


The Personal Stuff 👩‍💻

What three words would your friends use to describe you?

Blunt, perceptive, loyal.

What’s your favourite cultural moment of this past year and why?

#FreeBritney. She was the musical icon of my early childhood. Her songs were always my go-to when it was my turn on the dance mat/karaoke machine with my cousins. I even dressed as her for Halloween in 2019. It’s nice to see a push to get her the justice she deserves.

What’s your hobby or passion project outside of work?

I taught myself to crochet over the first lockdown using YouTube tutorials and sold some of my creations on Depop. It saved (most of) my sanity and now I could do it in my sleep.

What’s your guilty pleasure?

No regrets, no guilt – but I’m a diehard fan of Avril Lavigne’s debut album, Let Go.

What causes are you supportive of, and why?

Alzheimer’s Society and other charities that help people impacted by Alzheimer’s and dementia. My grandad had it so I’ve seen the havoc it wreaks on families and how important it is to search for possible prevention or a cure.


The Fun Stuff 🥂

Give us your best Northern Quarter bar recommendation.

I don’t know Manchester that well yet, so I’m still waiting for the DMT team to show me theirs!

If you were a social media platform, which one would you be and why?

100% Pinterest. I love the organised chaos of it and the visuals are very appealing. It’s so varied and customisable from user to user, so it looks more like what I imagine my actual brain layout would look like than any other platform I use. Boards for vegan recipes to cook with my boyfriend, next to thrift flip inspo, next to bathroom design ideas for the home I don’t own (yet)? Yes, please.

Who would be your five dream dinner party guests, dead or alive?

Dolly Parton, Margaret Atwood, Audrey Hepburn, Jane Austen, Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley – amazing women with amazing stories.


Quickfire Qs 🎯

What are you watching?

Killing Eve.

What are you reading?

Angela Carter – The Bloody Chamber. Think classic fairytales plus sexy feminist metaphors.

What are you listening to?

Tamino and Zella Day – not both at once, they’re two very different vibes.

Who are you ignoring?

Most people for at least an hour or so. How else would I have a chance to overthink my reply?

Who are you following?

@jaylenembararia. She’s my good friend from uni who is a sustainability and activism micro-influencer, blogger and model. Her content is both inspiring, discussion provoking and beautiful! Can you tell she’s my go-to friend-brag?

We have to say we’re really glad to have Liv working as a content writer on our team – and we’re only a little offended that she called most of us old for being millennials.

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