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Features VS Benefits: The Key to Good Copy

Features VS Benefits: The Key to Good Copy




If you work in a sales position or have ever dabbled into the realm of copywriting, you’ve probably heard the cliche advice that you should “sell the benefits, not the features”. As you may already know, distinguishing between the two is essentially the secret to successful copy. This way, consumers won’t just understand your product, but they will also learn how it can improve or change their lives for the better.

Below we have created a short guide to help you recognise and display the differences.

What are features and why are they important?

Features refer to the attributes or parts of a product which make them useful or stand out against other products in the market. For example, the battery life of an electronic device or the fabric of a dress. Without this knowledge, customers will not understand much about your product or service. 

What are benefits and why are they important?

A benefit is how a product or service can solve a problem or improve the life of your customer. Benefits should always answer the question: "What will this product or service do for me?"  

When talking to a friend or family member, we have an innate ability to understand the power of benefits. For example, we might choose a more affordable bar on a night out, resulting in conversations such as “If we go here, we’ll be able to buy more drinks”. When it comes to advertising, marketers may be more inclined to focus on features, forgetting to answer the all-important question “how will this improve the lives of our customers?”.

So, why should I never forget to write about benefits?

Features are often technical, so people might not understand them if benefits aren't included. For instance, if you are advertising a hair product, your target audience is unlikely to know what "panthenol" means. However by listing a benefit such as “achieve healthy, shiny hair”, customers can better understand those technical features.

Below we have provided a long list of services and products, presenting one feature and the benefit it may have on the consumer or client:

Final note

When you market a new product or service, always take the time to:

  1. Understand your everything your product or service has to offer
  2. Know what your audience wants
  3. Develop a list of key features
  4. Ask yourself, "How will these features, or the product as a whole benefit our target audience?"
  5. Create killer copy or get in touch with Digital Media Team and we can do it for you!

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