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Growing Your Shopify Site With Paid Advertising

Growing Your Shopify Site With Paid Advertising




Smash it with Shopify

You want your Shopify store to thrive. Of course you do! As dedicated web designers in Manchester, also specialising in Shopify sites, Digital Media Team has the skills to ensure your online Shopify store excels. Marketing your online store obviously relies on multiple aspects however, let us focus on one specific invaluable tool - yes, you've guessed it 'paid advertising'.

You'll be happy to hear that we create targeted ads designed to your bespoke needs. These are strategically placed in order to increase sales and attract more customers. More importantly they attract more customers from your desired demographic. In fact, that is what we do best. Crafting, shaping and scaling ad performance in exchange for maximum return. After all that is absolutely key when exploring how your Shopify store can skyrocket too.

As a dedicated web agency we understand that it is essential that we fully understand your brand. That is why we take the time to really get under the skin of your company. As a result we build paid ads which breathe life into your marketing campaigns and reflect your brand's look and feel perfectly. Whether you decide to turn to us here at DMT for paid marketing or you search for an alternative option, true representation of your brand, products and message is paramount. It is especially key when shaping those profit-boosting marketing campaigns in particular paid ads. But exactly how do ads benefit your Shopify store? Well let's take a look at how and why you should seriously consider their role in your site's success story.

Paid Social Ads

What are they & how do they work with Shopify?

If you didn't already know, paid social media advertising is one of the fastest ways to grow your business including your Shopify website. Think of it this way, ecommerce businesses use paid campaigns to provide invaluable exposure to products and promotions, much the same as using a physical shopfront on the high street. However, unlike having to pay a rent on an actual bricks and mortar shopfront your paid advertising steps in as a kind of virtual rent for your online store.

What's the advantage of advertising online? Well, your products are not tied to one specific location. Your ecommerce store can, in comparison, reach potential customers far and wide, and on multiple platforms. Restrictions of 9 to 5 shopping don't come into play either. So, your marketing efforts have the opportunity to make a massive impact throughout the UK and beyond, right around the clock. Sounds profitable? You're right, it certainly is....

Compared to expensive traditional advertising channels such as television, paid social advertising is highly-accessible for brands of all sizes and budgets.

Shopify Store

Remember social media advertising of your site amplifies the position your business is in. That means poor products and a website which doesn't convert won't lead to successful social campaigns. So, yes you've guessed what we're about to say.....a careful audit of your website is pretty critical too. Set out as you mean to go on. Assessing your products and site prior to ad activity will give a stronger foundation from which to succeed.

 Ads for Ecommerce

Here at Digital Media Team paid social marketing is our forte. So much so that we have been placed in the top 5% agencies worldwide for our paid social services. In addition to our accolades our clients are also extremely reassured to hear that we have successfully managed over £100m+ in ad spend - across a diverse selection of platforms. A vast array of fashion giants including Forever Unique, The Couture Club, Jameson Carter and Lavish Alice are amongst many leading fashionista brands to turn to us for their essential paid campaigns. Why? Simply because our carefully crafted and expertly placed paid campaigns equal results. Raising brand recognition and ultimately boosting business online presence. It's as important to us as it is to you.

From Shopfront to Shopify

We know that taking your products from your shop floor to the masses can seem a daunting task. Don't worry, if you don't know your pixel from your keyword or carousel from your static ad, find a trusted agency who does. Remember that ad creation and activation is merely the start of the process. Crucial monitoring and management of ad performance and spending is vital too. These will ensure that your ROI (return on investment) pays big time! So selecting an agency able to see your needs through from design and creation to maintenance and reporting is a prority.

Creativity Counts....

Digital marketing channels, when used for any ecommerce brand, demand eye-catching advertising images coupled with reader-grabbing copy. Of course they are only any good if expertly combined with a bespoke marketing strategy too. Paid social done properly inevitably will increase the awareness of your brand. What's more by steering ads in front of the right people at the right time, new customers and sales naturally follow. That is where choosing a specialist Shopify agency comes into play. Having access to an in-house multi-skilled team with the design know how and marketing knowledge ready and waiting for you and your online store is vital.

Obviously you will have questions prior to getting started. Always keep the following key questions in mind when selecting your web agency. That way you can have confidence in knowing your specialist ad agency is addressing your core requirements.

Key Questions:

  1. How much should you spend on your social media campaign to achieve maximum return?
  2. Which of your products should you push & when?
  3. How much should you bid?
  4. Who is best to target?

So, as you've probably gathered having a fully comprehensive online marketing service is a game changer when growing your Shopify site.

Social Media Channels....

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions...

Social  Media Accounts

Paid Social & Digital Media Team - Such a Beautiful Partnership

Solid partnerships with Facebook, Pinterest, Snapchat and TikTok has given Digital Media Team an in-depth understanding of all major social media channels. That means we have the up-to-the-minute knowledge required to advise on which type of industry excels on which network. Identifying where your social media users will be and on which platform is pivotal to the performance of your advertising.

Once you have established which platforms are indeed best for your brand it's time to optimise their potential. One way to do that is to use the industry's latest software such as ROI Hunter. ROI Hunter can optimise your ads 24/7 - taking your marketing to the next level. Not familiar with ROI Hunter? Digital Media Team is! Boosting profitability and aiding scalability ROI Hunter is an industry favourite. In fact it's a leading tool synonymous with optimising online brand awareness. If you are in need of guidance rest assured, our dedicated Account Handlers are on hand to explain how ROI and other tools on the market work. We can advise on how to boost your, 'return on investment' through the latest paid social advertising methods.

Facebook Advertisements... Flicking & Clicking

Setting your brand apart from the competition is exactly what is needed for an effective online presence. So, source a provider that offers something a little different. That way you can ensure you appear more than a little different too - for all the right reasons of course. Break out of the norm, set out your online stall in unique fashion.

Another unique aspect Digital Media Team can offer your brand is our Premium Facebook Partnership. DMT is the only Premium Facebook Partner outside of the Capital.

What's more, as we're a leading website design and social media strategists in Manchester we bring you premium service without the London price tag. But that's not all. Our careful spending is actually recognised by Facebook. Due to our ethos of, 'spending wisely' Facebook reward you with advertising coupons. Not bad right!

Questions will inevitably arise prior to starting a paid campaign on your Shopify site. Here are some of the most commonly asked questions when considering paid social.

1. Can I Run Ads on my Shopify Store?

....& Do Facebook ads work for Shopify sites?

The answer quite simply is yes you can and yes they do! Shopify integrates smoothly with FB ads, reaching your target audience via Facebook, Facebook Messenger, Instagram and WhatsApp. So when it comes to ecommerce, it is safe to say that ad campaigns lend themselves excellently to Shopify websites.

2. Which type of Facebook ad is best?

Considering a carousel ad is a wise choice when thinking of running one of Facebook's most effective advertising types. Unlike static ads (which do have their place), a carousel format enables you to showcase up to 5 products/images at a time. That's a pretty smart way to get your potential customers clicking through and finding out more.

3.Which social media platforms should I choose for my online business?

It really does depend on which suits your brand the best. Facebook, Instagram or TikTok...the right platform is available to present your products perfectly along the customer journey. It is advisable to seek professional advice prior to selecting the channel(s) for you.

4.Why use a web agency like DMT when running my Shopify paid advertising?

Ok, do you seriously have the time to design high-performing ads let alone optimise those ads round-the-clock for maximum results? Not to mention then identifying target user most likely to convert? No we didn't think so. Thankfully Digital Media Team has the time and expertise needed to take your ecommerce business further. We're there to make, manage and maintain all paid advertising activity for your Shopify store. In addition, we invest in the latest tools so you don't have to.

5.What is Facebook Ads Manager

If you've decided upon Facebook as your chosen social media platform and fancy managing your own paid campaigns, Facebook Ads Manager is a great way to begin. In fact it's a useful starting point for running ads on Facebook, Instagram, Messenger or Audience Network. Uploading ad creative, amending budgets, real-time testing and more can be managed via your desktop or mobile. As a dedicated Facebook Partner we are happy to advise on how this handy tool can be used to its full potential.

Key Services From Your Shopify Agency

Grow & Scale

Exceeding those ROAS (return on ad spend) goals can become a reality. We understand how to make your marketing budget go further and work harder. By only scaling up when we are 100% certain the returns are ripe and by optimising ads with subtle tweaks right around the clock we'll help you grow your Shopify revenue securely and cost-effectively.

ROI Hunter

Did you know that Digital Media Team is the only UK agency to have access to ROI Hunter? Just a reminder ROI the innovative tool which allows paid Facebook campaigns to be built and optimised to scale. It's industry-leading technology enables our team to build and customise high-converting DPA adverts. In turn we can drive conversions, avoid wasted spend and increase your ROAS (return in ad spend). Now that's got to be good news for your online store.


You'll like this one! Using Facebook pixel data we have the capability to push impactful remarketing ads to your Shopify ecommerce site. These ads strategically appear in newsfeeds, promoting the products visitors have been viewing. What's more, abandoned baskets can actually be rescued and further purchases encouraged. Told you that you'd like it.

Premium Facebook Business Partners

Our methodology has been recognised by Facebook and in turn they have awarded us Facebook Business Partner status. That's great news for us and for you as it gives our team and your brand direct access to Facebook support. You will also enjoy FB features and benefits galore along the way.

Ad Design

For those of you who haven't got a creative bone in your body, do not worry, our in-house designers have. So when it comes to transforming your raw assets into stunning visuals it pays to use a creative agency. From high-converting DPA ads to engaging video content your target audience will be presented with imagery designed to draw them in.


When promoting your brand on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and/or Snapchat it is important to take a full-funnel approach to your marketing. That way you will capture customers at each stage of the buying journey. Making the most of every opportunity to target potential buyers is key to growing your Shopify sales. Remember that identifying the ideal platform for your brand is paramount. Rest assured, we do that for you before expertly designing and building ad campaigns ready to convert.

Paid Social Media Marketing - We're on the Case

Growing your Shopify site is your aim and you'll be glad to hear that it is ours too. Choosing a web design agency such as DMT who specialises in both website creation (including Shopify sites) and paid social ads means you can expect consistency of service. You can also expect essential brand continuity through bespoke marketing strategy, relevant content and a comprehensive digital marketing service - all provided by one agency. Existing customers have enjoyed such a fully-rounded approach from Digital Media Services for their online businesses.

We have included some of the case studies from Digital Media Team's portfolio. You'll see from the following case that we don't just talk about outstanding results we achieve them - and then some! So let's take a look at how one of the fashion world's well-known brands has grabbed attention for all the right reasons.

Missy Empire

Fast fashion certainly lives up to its name. As the season's must-buy garments hit the market they also need to hit those digital devices. Placing the hottest products in front to potential customers before the competition can take your online store to another level. When it comes to a marketing strategy which gets heads turning and fingers clicking on that all-important 'buy now' button, Missy Empire is leading the way.

Upon approaching DMT, Missy Empire had been taking great strides in a hugely competitive field. They had also recently launched their MissySport sub-brand, offering fashionable women’s gym wear. Missy Empire’s team came to Digital Media Team as they were eager to break into new territories with Facebook ads. Their goal was to achieve profitability in these new regions, focusing on the USA and key areas across Europe.

DMT took on Missy Empire’s paid advertising activity from March 2021, initially offering paid social and PPC. Built on no less than 15 years in the fashion industry, Missy Empire had become all-too familiar with the importance of getting their products out to the masses. Taking into consideration that a mixture of methods are required to optimise their ROI, Missy Empire knew that paid social advertising would be a key player in their online success. They also understood that an initial audit of their set up was an absolute must before running their campaigns with us here at Digital Media Team. Following a thorough overview of Missy Empire's online set up with soon found:

A phenomenal social media following - just look at the figures...

Instagram: 1.5mil

Facebook: 221k

TikTok: 55k

Twitter: 19.4k

Couple this with monthly website traffic of 220K it was safe to say that Missy Empire had built an enviable empire and then some. However there were also areas which when addressed would bring an even greater return. One in particular was, paid social advertising amendments. Despite already achieving enviable results Missy Empire were struggling to scale up their current advertising. What's more, every time they adjusted creative their new ads would send their campaigns into the learning phase, increasing their CPMs and decreasing their ROAS. Regular creative changes especially within 'fast-fashion' is essential especially when staying ahead of the competition. Thankfully we had not only the creative team here on hand to keep images updated and our strategy team to handle the paid marketing moves.

Our Suggestions

  • Engaging with untapped audiences to attract more future customers
  • Finding quick-wins to drive profitability quickly and efficiently
  • Introduction a funnel-based system with reduced overlap from brand awareness campaigns through to retention campaigns
  • Targeting different audiences within the Facebook ad structure, creating bespoke creative within each - generating a smoother and more tailored path-to-purchase structure
  • Add retention campaigns such as discount incentives for loyal customers
  • Use ROI Hunter to combat the learning phase issue
Social Audit = Sell Products

The Results

The introduction of ROI Hunter certainly did help us combat the learning phase issue, allowing us to create a product set that dynamically pulled through best-selling products, trending products, and new-in products, which then filtered through to the ads. By overlaying this with a ROI Hunter template and dynamic ad copy, it allowed us to completely change the products and theme of the creative/ad copy without sending our campaigns into the learning phase. This funnel allowed us to scale the account upwards of six-figure spends, with the aim to hit seven figures over Q4.

Statistics (MoM) 1st-19th April vs. 1st-19th March 2021

Paid Social

Spend: 55%+

Revenue: 45%+

ROAS: 12%+

PPC Results 

Spend: +65%

Conversions: +55%

Revenue: +74%

ROAS: +5%

In Conclusion...

It's safe to say that Missy Empire empire's grew to even dizzier heights with even greater web traffic and increased online community. Paid social advertising plus a marketing strategy specifically focused on boosting digital business were key to building brand familiarity even further and grabbing the attention of each potential customer wherever possible.

Digital Marketing...

...Money, Money, Money

You'd be forgiven for thinking that to increase brand awareness you must spend heavily. Wrong, the right agency will have options available to target customers, building your Shopify store as effectively as possible within the budget you have. Even if you wish to simply audit your site and start receiving free tips on where to go (for example with Facebook insights or ideas of how to drive traffic), it's essential to seek expert guidance to experience optimum results.

For more info on growing your Shopify store with paid social advertising, get in touch!