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Happy News to Help You Beat Those January Blues

Happy News to Help You Beat Those January Blues




Taking place on the third Monday of January, Blue Monday is reportedly the saddest day of the year. Although there is no concrete evidence as to why, some have narrowed it down to a combination of wintery weather, a long-awaited payday, the dreaded Christmas aftermath and even failed New Year’s resolutions. Whatever the reason, we’re here to help you beat those January blues.

Having heard enough negativity to last us a few years, the team at DMT set out to discover positive news that will, without a doubt, brighten up your Blue Monday. Keep reading as we reveal some of the most heartwarming, reassuring & motivational announcements for the year ahead…

Disney Celebrates 100 Years in 2023

The 100th Anniversary of the Walt Disney Company is on 16th October 2023, but the Celebrations are due to start on January 27th!

Although the anniversary is a worldwide event, Disneyland Resort will be right at the centre of it. This once in a lifetime celebration brings new nighttime entertainment, special decor, a new ride and so much more. So, if you’re a Disney die-hard, then this may be the year that your dreams come true.

A Man with Terminal Cancer was Cured

Robert Glynn from Manchester, was given less than a year to live after doctors diagnosed him with biliary tract cancer. After receiving this devastating news, Robert was sent to The Christie, a leading cancer centre in Manchester. He was then offered the opportunity to participate in a clinical trial with an immunotherapy drug. 

Together with chemotherapy, the immunotherapy treatment helped to shrink the tumour in his liver, meaning Robert was able to have surgery. This was when doctors discovered that the treatment killed off all the cancer cells. Since the operation, Robert hasn’t needed any more treatment and his three-monthly scans show he is now clear of cancer.

This clinical trial was run by Professor Juan Valle who says that “The results of this research, and another larger study, are keenly anticipated by colleagues worldwide as it could lead to a change in how we treat patients like Robert in the future.”

Four-Day Working Week Trial Confirms a Positive Result

If you work a 9-5 job, you’ve probably heard all about the four-day working week trial. This 6-month UK experiment tested out the effectiveness of working 20% less, with no loss in pay for employees. 

Having now read about the outcome, we’re here to tell you that it was a HUGE success! 

For some companies, the results even revealed increased revenue, with fewer employees taking time off or resigning. While we expected an improvement on wellbeing, the positive effects on company earnings and productivity may be more of a surprise. It also brings financial and environmental benefits due to less travelling for those who commute. 

Could these results be enough to convince your employers to implement a four-day working week? 😏

The Earth’s Ozone Layer is on Track to Recover

Thanks to The Montreal Protocol, scientists have announced that the Earth’s ozone layer is “on track” to recover. After over 30 years of work to eliminate damaging chemicals, international experts have now discovered great improvements.

According to Paul Newman, co-chair of the scientific assessment, Bromine and chlorine, the two main chemicals that "munch away" at the ozone, have "stopped rising," and their levels are "going down”. Finally - some good news about the environment!

DMT Will Continue to Help Brands Grow & Thrive

And last but definitely not least, your favourite agency is about to get even bigger and better. From working with our favourite brands to introducing new services, there’s no doubt that 2023 will be a year of sweet success for DMT. To avoid missing out on our biggest moments to come, why not give us a follow on Instagram

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