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How Artificial Intelligence is Changing the Face of Digital Marketing

How Artificial Intelligence is Changing the Face of Digital Marketing




When you imagine what artificial intelligence (or AI) looks like, it’s easy to let your mind spiral to the upside-down. We start plucking ideas from sci-fi movies and robots and piece together our own version of what it could be.

And, it’s entirely possible on this big ol’ planet of ours that these things exist. However, artificial intelligence as we know it in the digital marketing sphere is altogether different to that of government-made robots. 

Brands and businesses use AI every day, and its popularity is continuously on the rise. We’ve picked out a few examples of AI in modern marketing and how your brand could replicate them! 

What is AI?

Artificial intelligence isn’t as complicated as it may sound. Put simply, it’s “the simulation of human intelligence processes by machines, especially computer systems”.

AI can appear in many forms, from voice recognition such as Apple’s Siri, online customer service and chat boxes to expert systems and processing data. Pretty much any brand you can think of will be using at least one kind of artificial intelligence!

Improved Personalisation

The way consumers interact with marketing messages and brands is evolving in digital marketing. Nowadays, personalisation is key to any marketing strategy. It’s estimated that over 40% of consumers would actually switch brands because of a lack of trust and poor personalisation. And, 79% of consumers are more likely to interact with a brand or business if their marketing is specifically tailored to them.

Artificial intelligence enables marketers to personalise their messaging instead of blanket targeting groups of people. Targeting can be as simple as using syntax to personalise someone’s name in an email. Or, it can be as intricate as Spotify’s custom playlists and Wrapped campaign.

Voice Technology

Another area of artificial intelligence for your brand to tap into is voice technology. Across the globe, 60 million adults now rely on voice search at least once a day, with 72% of people owning a smart speaker such as Amazon’s Alexa or Google Dot.

With its popularity soaring, brands such as Starbucks have taken full advantage of voice technology. Their “My Starbucks Barista” app has completely overhauled customers’ experience and created a new, streamlined coffee-making experience.

Using a mixture of chat box and voice activation technology, the app is able to place and modify orders for maximum convenience and has proved a big hit globally!

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization is every marketer's best friend, a sad but rather true reality. Search engine optimization, or SEO, is a branch of artificial intelligence technology and is important in developing and expanding businesses.

Search algorithms are used to improve all aspects of eCommerce and are relied on by millions of people every day. Integrating AI into a brands SEO strategy is beneficial because AI technology can identify spelling mistakes and suggest alternative searches.

Identifying a user's intent is becoming more sophisticated. As well as simply correcting spelling, combining SEO and AI can drive intent for internet users and direct them towards your business via keyword search!

Dynamic Pricing

Dynamic pricing is an effective way to drive sales in eCommerce. Instead of having a fixed price on a product, artificial intelligence is used to alter the price of something dynamically. This means the same product can be shown to different people at different prices.

For example, if you’re searching for a plane ticket and see one listed for £100 if you go back to purchase the ticket a couple of days later and see that the price has inflated - that’s dynamic pricing.

Alternatively, brands may use it to reduce prices in sales to make customers more inclined to purchase! It's a great way to create brand awareness and encourage users to visit your site.

And there you have it, just a few simple ways in which Artificial Intelligence can be used within marketing! Got a question about how to utilise AI for your business? We’re experts for a reason…

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