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How To Celebrate World Bee Day

How To Celebrate World Bee Day


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The United Nations named the 20th of May World Bee Day to raise awareness for the Earth’s most important pollinators. Want to know how important they really are? We’ve got the facts:

  • Nearly 90% of the world’s wild flowering plant species depend entirely, or at least in part, on animal pollination.
  • Over 75% of the world’s food crops and 35% of global agricultural land rely on pollination.
  • Honey is valuable not only because it’s tasty but also due to its medicinal properties and the fact it is so energy dense.

The goal of World Bee Day is to strengthen measures to protect bees and other pollinators, which would significantly contribute to solving problems related to the global food supply and eliminate hunger in developing countries. By raising awareness for their declining populations and showing our appreciation for this important species, we can make a difference!

Why Is The Bee The Symbol Of Manchester?

The symbol of Manchester is a worker bee, and it’s been this way for around 150 years! It was largely born out of the industrial revolution and was intended to reflect the spirit of Manchester’s workers. As factories and mills started cropping up throughout the city, they became nicknamed hive mills. The owners of these factories saw a similarity in the work ethic of their employees and a bee hive. The idea that Manchester is a city made by workers with a strong sense of community has translated throughout generations. Want to learn a little more about the history of the Manchester Bee? Check out our blog from last year!

How To Support Bees In Manchester:

  1. Look out for Manchester’s beehives: Did you know that Manchester’s rooftops are home to thousands of bees? Central buildings like the PrintWorks, Manchester Cathedral, and Manchester Art Gallery are home to active urban hives, with whole bee colonies working away while you walk below. This World Bee Day, why not see if you can spot them all while you explore the city?
  1. Buy your honey from local farmers: Whether you’re baking with it, pouring it in your tea, or just spreading it on your toast, why not try going local? Did you know that by buying local, responsibly-farmed honey, you’re helping to reverse the decline of the bee population? When you support local British beekeepers, you’re helping them continue to nurture and maintain more hives — so more healthy bees can thrive in the best conditions possible.

Companies Who Took Inspiration From The Bee

Ready to take your love for bees to the next level? Why not try repping some bee merch? Check out our favourite bee brands below:

  1. Naturally, Manchester is home to a whole host of bee-based brands. Places like The Manchester Shop, found in Northern Quarter’s legendary Afflecks, use the bee symbol as its core branding. From hoodies to jewellery, you’ll surely find all your Bee merch there.
  1. The love for the worker bee is worldwide. Burt’s Bees has long celebrated everything that bees do for us. Outside of their company, brand owners Burt and Roxanne advocated for ‘the simple life’ and dedicated much of their lives to preserving wildlife. In 2020 the company planted 15 million wildflowers and funded the research of over 5,000 bee species. 
  1. Gucci also uses the bee as one of its signature brand logos. The Gucci bee first appeared in the fashion houses’ designs in the 1970s; today, it can be found in many products, from trainers to cushions. The bee has long been a motif of regality and wealth, which is likely why it crops up in luxury designs.

The bee is a powerful symbol and one that is recognised globally for many reasons, whether that be hard work, regality, or the power of nature. So whether you’re celebrating the bee by taking part in community activities or showing off your favourite bee-based looks, make sure you’re showing your love for this crucial insect on the 20th of May.