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How to Grow Your Shopify Store to 7-Figures [Free eBook]

How to Grow Your Shopify Store to 7-Figures [Free eBook]




Shopify is one of the fastest-growing eCommerce platforms, and with its simple interface and quick set up, it’s easy to see why. There are now well over 2 million merchants, and 4.8 million live websites currently using Shopify, and the platform is the most-searched eCommerce solution by quite a stretch.

Shopify’s software is sophisticated enough to serve experienced sellers and established brands, but also easy enough that the average person can jump on it to earn some extra cash. The rise of Shopify goes hand in hand with the incredible boom of DTC commerce.

But did you know? 95% of Shopify stores fail. Sorry to hit you with a reality check, but that’s the cold hard truth of the matter.

Growing and scaling a successful Shopify store is no mean feat, but it’s a goal that millions of people worldwide are striving to achieve.

As an advertising agency, we work with a large number of eCommerce owners, the majority of whom use Shopify to sell their products.

We’ve worked with our eCommerce clients to list our nine favourite tools that are crucial to managing and growing a high-performing Shopify store.

With countless tools on the market, it can be difficult to identify which ones are worthwhile and will save you the most time.

We use these tools day in, day out, helping our clients hit and exceed their targets.

Ready to grow your Shopify store, generate higher sales and much higher productivity? Let’s get started!

1. ROI Hunter

What is ROI Hunter?

ROI Hunter is a marketing platform that helps increase the efficiency and ability to manage paid social adverts.

Not only does ROI Hunter empower marketers with actionable product-level data and performance insights, it also increases the capacity of graphic designers with easy-to-use customisable templates.

Why we chose it

ROI Hunter is fantastic for time-saving, especially when it comes to optimising and uploading ads. Uploading ads to Facebook is a time-consuming process. but ROI Hunter allows you to do it in a fraction of the time.

What’s more, if you make changes to ads in ROI Hunter, it won’t send them back into the dreaded learning phase, which would happen if the changes were made on Ads Manager itself. By skipping this, you can avoid any detrimental downtime which can affect performance and drop ROAS.

ROI Hunter also allows for more customisation of Facebook DPAs (dynamic product ads). The ability to pull through a huge variety of variables means you can use different templates for multiple collections.

By customising your DPAs, it also allows your brand to stand out more in a crowded news feed. A customised DPA can increase your brand awareness, highlight USPs, display your delivery options and much more.

Customising your DPA templates helps your brand stand out in a crowded feed, whilst highlighting USPs

Rules can also be set based on timeframes. For example, if your brand has free delivery on weekends, you can set up an automated rule to display a free delivery template only over the weekends.


The price tag attached to ROI Hunter brings an air of exclusivity – if you use it, you’ll be alongside eCommerce royalty such as, T-Mobile and Boohoo. The chances are your competitors won’t be using this tool.


You’ll need to contact their sales team to get a quote, but as the tool is designed for larger stores spending over £10k a month, it’s no surprise to hear that prices are steep.*

“ROI Hunter helps Shopify store owners improve the performance of dynamic product ads by making cross-channel product-level data actionable. Advertisers can create highly detailed product sets optimised for specific business goals and pair them with on-brand creative templates that stand out.” Kingston Benjamin, Head of Europe and the Middle East, ROI Hunter

*ROI Hunter is built into Digital Media Team’s paid social and PPC services, so signing up with us will give you access to this ultra-exclusive tool.

2. Feedoptimise

What is Feedoptimise?

Feedoptimise helps online shops manage and optimise their product data feeds performance in real-time.

By keeping your feed up-to-date around the clock, it ensures that the correct product data, pricing, and stock levels are pulled through to your Shopping ads at all times.

Why we chose it

It goes without saying that shopping feeds are crucial to any eCommerce business, and keeping them updated is essential. Having an out of date shopping feed can lead to disruption in your advertising, and quite frankly it’s a LOT of effort trying to keep on top of it yourself!

Luckily the team at Feedoptimise are super smart and their service is second to none. They’re able to get feeds set up on demand, really quickly, and once they’re ready to go, there’s no downtime.

Feedoptimise helps you easily manage your Shopping feeds, which is crucial to run Shopping ads, as seen above

What’s more, Feedoptimise provides business intelligence tools allowing you to see your items in a completely new way. You can easily track your stock movements, analyse the length of your titles, visualise your profit margin clusters, performance hot spots and more, allowing you to take the opportunity of dynamic labelling and drive your return positive.


Customer service, turnaround time, low-cost. There’s really no negatives when it comes to Feedoptimise, it’s the obvious choice when it comes to product feed management.


Prices relate to the number of channels and size of your catalogues, amongst other factors. Prices start at £43/month, plus there’s a 30 day free trial. You can also cancel at any point, as long as you provide 30 days’ notice.

“Our dedicated integration with Shopify allows our customers to have access to all the inventories and more that Shopify has to offer, which can be used to improve their feeds by converting those data points into custom labels or passing as relevant attributes into the feed. Our system also ensures everything is being kept up to date, thus providing best possible quality for our customer feeds.”Marcin Rosinski, CEO, Feedoptimise

3. PPC Protect

What is PPC Protect?

PPC Protect is a click-fraud prevention tool. Click fraud can be defined as the fraudulent clicking of PPC ads in order to generate fraudulent charges for advertisers.

Fraudulent clicks can be made by customers, competitors, webmasters and fraud rings. Yikes.

By protecting your PPC ads against click fraud, you can save yourself precious budgets and improve the quality of your data, helping to improve performance.

Why we chose it

In addition to their absolutely fantastic team, PPC Protect’s product is super simple to use, making it a great choice for any busy marketer or store owner.

Once you get set up, you’ll have access to an online dashboard where you can toggle protection on and off, as well as viewing your stats in real-time.

You’ll be able to see all your legitimate clicks, suspicious, invalid and prevented clicks, the amount of money you’re saving and more, all in one easy to use dashboard.

PPC Protect allows you to see your click data in a handy to use dashboard

Whereas other click fraud softwares can be clunky and hard to use, PPC Protect is fully-automated, leveraging the power of machine learning to take the workload away from advertisers.

We’re all for automation, so when we saw how intuitive PPC Protect was, it was a no-brainer. It’s also really user-friendly, and you don’t necessarily need to be an expert in PPC to be able to pick it up, which makes it a great choice for store owners and less tech-savvy people.


Fully automated, dashboard has nice UX, super-friendly team who are knowledgeable and a joy to work with.


Pricing starts at £49/month to protect up to £7,500 spend. If you’re working with higher budgets, you’ll need to contact their sales team, but it really is a cost-effective way to safeguard your PPC ads.

“We love the fact that it runs in the background on its own, helps save our clients money, and ensures all our PPC marketing data is accurate. This means we can spend more time managing our clients’ Google Ads accounts and not having to worry about managing another tool.” – Lauren Kelley, Head of PPC, DM

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