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How to Run a Successful Fashion Marketing Campaign

How to Run a Successful Fashion Marketing Campaign




Despite collectively existing in joggers and pyjamas for over a year (working from home has its benefits), at dmt, we know a thing or two about how to run successful digital marketing campaigns for fashion brands.

There are so many obvious benefits to running a successful campaign, but for the most part, they help to increase brand awareness, maximise conversions and increase profits. It can often be challenging to know where to start and which areas you should be investing time into, but that’s where we come in.

With the fashion industry constantly expanding (the industry is expected to grow in value from 1.5 trillion dollars to 2.5 trillion by 2025), the market is becoming more competitive and crowded. The best way to ensure your brand stands out is to create a top tier marketing campaign.

We’ve put together some simple tips and tricks which will help you get the most out of your campaign. Not into fashion? That’s ok too because luckily for you, all of these tips are transferable! Let’s get started, shall we?

Create a consistent blog

We’re big believers that having a blog can do absolute wonders for your brand (exhibit A), but it really is true. It’s estimated that over 85% of millennials research fashion brands before purchasing from them, mainly from looking at the website. If you’re a fashion eCommerce brand, you’re encouraging customers to buy products from your site, so why should they then have to go elsewhere to read about current fashion trends?

And that’s where blogging comes into place. A blog is a simple and easy way to establish a brand, keep traffic on the site, and it’s also a great place to humanise and add more personality to the brand too.

Not a natural writer? That’s fine! A blog doesn’t have to be a long, drawn-out novel. It can be as long or short as you’d like – as long as it holds the reader’s reader’s attention and continuously encourages traffic to your site. Just ensure that your blog has a regular and consistent posting schedule with high-quality content. This will increase your website’s SEO (search engine optimisation), connect with your audience and increase brand loyalty!

If you’re in need of some blog inspo for your brand, ASOS’ blog feed is a great place to start because it’s simple, consistent and always on brand!

Want to know more about how to attract readers to your content? Head over to our previous blog post.

Personalise your customer’s experience

We’ve all been a victim of seeing ads where you’re shown the exact products you were thinking of. It probably made you feel like your computer was *watching* you. This is true to an extent, but it’s not nearly as creepy as it sounds.

Creating a personalised shopping experience is a key way to ensure that your fashion marketing campaign gets the best possible results. In 2020, it was estimated that over 74% of customers actually feel frustrated when website content is not personalised. And, over 50% of consumers actively look for a certain level of personalisation before they interact with your site!

On average, 70% of online shoppers abandon their cart – which isn’t really surprising. Think of how many times you’ve added things to a cart and something has stopped you from going ahead with the purchase – it’s a lot, right?

Whether customers were put off by the shipping price, unsure about a particular style, waiting until payday, or had forgotten to checkout – personalising their shopping experience is a simple way to give them a nudge towards purchasing. It’s an effective way of saying “Hey, come back. These would look amazing on you”.

Why not consider creating retargeting ads, email campaigns and pop-ups or social reminders with images of products they were viewing to encourage your shoppers to finish their transaction!

Make use of influencers

Nowadays it’s almost impossible to run a fashion marketing campaign without exploring aspects of influencer marketing too. But we’re not just talking about the big names with millions of followers. Sometimes micro-influencers can be just as effective!

Over 75% of millennials say that other people’s opinions matter to them when purchasing a product. To spread brand awareness, influencers are a powerful tool to use.

If you want to reach a bigger audience it’s definitely worth investigating which social media influencers are suited to your brand!

Create clickable social ads

It goes without saying that ads are a crucial part of any campaign, we should know! Nowadays, it’s seemingly impossible to hit the targets you set on a fashion marketing campaign without relying on ads to drive sales and conversions and spread brand awareness.

In particular, when it comes to fashion marketing, choosing a suitable ad format is really important. Across socials, it’s worth investing time into carousel ads and collection ads. They need to be eye-catching, showcase your brand and attract clicks. Not sure what they are? Here’s a little round-up:

Carousel ads: On Facebook, these showcase up to ten images or videos on a single ad. Every image is then linked to the product highlighted. This is great for fashion campaigns because they help promote products, promotions, develop a brand story and more!

Collection ads: Collection ads pretty much do what it says on the tin, show collections. Using the collection format makes it easier for customers to browse and purchase products and services. These types of ads feature a cover image, and once that is clicked on, an instant experience will open.

Launch a social competition

Social media competitions attract an influx of people. No matter how big or small the prize, as soon as the word “giveaway” is uttered, people appear from nowhere. Naturally, we all just love getting free stuff. So, if you’re looking to expand your fashion marketing campaign, why not consider running a competition.

Competitions can be as simple as “Like and share this post to enter” or “The last comment by XX/XX/XX wins” but they create endless streams of engagement and brand awareness. If you’re a fashion brand, you could even collab with an influencer for a giveaway or require participants to make a purchase to enter the competition!

There are so many other ways to create an amazing performing fashion marketing campaign. But, we managed to narrow it down to just a few ideas. Want to know more? Feel free to get in touch!

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