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The Importance of the Social Media Manager

The Importance of the Social Media Manager


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Once dismissively dubbed “the most millennial job” by the Wall Street Journal, in reality the average social media manager does waaaay more than just mess about on Instagram.

Don’t believe us? Well, the proof is in the (quite profitable 😏) pudding. The social media management market is now projected to be worth $41.6 billion by 2026. That sounds to us like something your business can’t afford to miss out on…

What is Social Media Management?

The smallest of businesses now has the potential to access a global audience via the internet. While this is an amazing opportunity, it carries the risk of making the wrong impression on a huge scale. More touchpoints mean more risk of negative interactions if not managed properly.

This is where social media managers come in.

Social media management describes the creation, publication, and strategic analysis of social media content and engagement. This includes platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, and more.

While free and paid online tools to aid with this process do exist, never undervalue the role of a qualified human. Social media managers offer a chance to grow your following, engagement, and ultimately, revenue through their unique set of skills. Plus, they’re great company 😉

What Can a Social Media Manager Do For Your Business?

Audit Your Existing Strategy 📊

This involves looking over your existing social media branding, goals, content, posting schedule, followers, engagement rates and other metrics. Reviewing your performance allows your social media manager to observe trends and audience preferences in order to plan for the future. They can also compare your performance to that of competitors.

Research Your Target Audience 🎯

A social media manager can also work out who your audience is and where they are online. This will enable you to target them in the best ways, at the best times, and in the best places.

What platform will you find your audience on?

Formulate a New Strategy 📈

The result of all this research will be to formulate a winning strategy. What do you want to achieve with your brand’s social media? Brand awareness at the top of the funnel, brand loyalty at the bottom? Or perhaps something else entirely?

Your social media manager may also spot content gaps in social media cyberspace that your company could jump in to fill. This boosts your chances of a viral moment, as well as getting your brand known for its innovative online presence.

Set Your Tone 📣

Next is tone, which your social media manager can help to tailor. Do you already have a set of guidelines to ensure that interactions with potential customers are cohesive? Does your feed have a pattern in terms of colours, imagery, fonts, videos and emojis? What kind of brand voice do you want to portray? Expert and knowledgeable? Friendly? Light-hearted? Comedic and self-deprecating? The options are endless.

Does your feed have a cohesive look, like this one from the canned drinks brand Recess?

Build Your Monthly Content Calendar 🗓

Now for your content. Your social media manager will be an expert planner. They’ll put together a content calendar for the upcoming month, populated with scheduled posts for all your platforms.

You’ll be able to review their suggestions and liaise to optimise the promotion of current offers or events. This ensures that the only content that goes live is officially approved by you.

The plan will likely include a mix of content types – stills and videos, professional photography and user-generated content, flat-lays and lifestyle imagery. It will also take advantage of the range of posts, stories, reels, and other content types your chosen platform offers.

As the months go on, your social media manager will pay attention to what kinds of posts are successful and adapt your strategy accordingly.

Interact with Followers 💬

Day to day, your social media manager is responsible for interacting with users by answering comments and direct messages. This has a direct impact on brand awareness and reputation. Poorly handled social media interactions can be very damaging to a business’s public image.

This will include liking and responding to positive comments while deleting and dealing with any negative ones, including spam and hate.

Remember, more than 65% of people use social media for customer service, so your business interactions on platforms like Instagram and Facebook are invaluable in setting you apart from competitors.

Grow Your Reach ⤴️

The ultimate goal is for your social media to grow, but this doesn’t just mean boosting follower numbers.

A social media manager can boost your exposure by connecting your brand with influencers and sourcing high-quality user-generated content. Users respond well to this kind of content as it associates your brand with trust, forging a connection to someone they already follow and admire.

User-generated content expands brand awareness.

Social media managers will often include interactive content, with calls to action. This includes stories with polls, competitions, and questions to be answered in the comments. This encourages higher engagement such as tagging, and production of user-generated content, renewing your content calendar.

Why is Social Media Management Right For Your Brand?

Cost 💰

Regardless of your budget for marketing, social media is your most cost-effective option. Social media platforms are free to join, post on, interact with consumers, and deliver customer service.

If you have cash to spare, you can set up a boosting budget to ensure that your posts achieve maximum reach.

Reach 🌎

Social media is the quickest way to reach niche audiences all over the world, at any time of the day. Traditional marketing, like billboards and even television ads, has no hope of matching social media in terms of eyes.  

Micro-influencers and specific communities on social media open up your brand’s reach to exactly the right kind of audience.

Why Can’t You Do it All Yourself?


Social media management takes tiiiiime. We’re talking about an all-day responsibility. Users want content and interaction, and they want it now. Time constraints and workload are some of the most common reasons for companies to abandon social media altogether.

A professional and dedicated social media manager will save you time without sacrificing the opportunity to take advantage of an affordable and effective revenue-generating channel.

Expertise 🧑‍💻

Professional social media managers know what they’re doing. Their expertise massively reduces your risk of social media hiccups, like misjudging a trend or failing to deal with a complaint. They are dedicated to ensuring that your strategy is well-thought-out, consistent, and dynamic. Their proactive focus on your platforms allows you to drive the results you want, without the headaches.

What Makes a Good Social Media Manager?

While online tools to aid with the efficiency and effectiveness of social media management are out there, never underestimate the value of the lovely human in charge of those tools.

The best social media managers have top-notch practical and organisational skills. They have a creative flair and are always on the lookout for content inspiration. However, they’re equally knowledgeable when it comes to strategy, branding and tone.

Online etiquette and social skills are second nature to a social media manager, and they’re constantly up to date with the latest trending content, including challenges, songs, and the language and emojis favoured by their audience. When it comes to dealing with complaints, harassment, negative feedback, and difficult customers, they’re professional, knowledgeable, and efficient.

At DMT, we pride ourselves on having all these skills and more 🤓 In fact, we’re your one-stop-shop for all things social media management, alongside our other services in paid social, PPC, email marketing, and more.

If you’re interested in enquiring about our social media management services for your brand, check out our information page and contact us via this form.