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International Coffee Day – The Best Social Media Accounts by Our Favourite Coffee Brands

International Coffee Day – The Best Social Media Accounts by Our Favourite Coffee Brands




International Coffee Day falls on the 1st of October each year and is a day for all coffee lovers to raise a mug to one of the world’s most-loved drinks.

With an office filled full of latte lovers, cappuccino cravers, flat white fans, and americano aficionados, it didn’t take long to curate a list of our the best social media accounts from our favourite coffee brands.

Keep scrollin’ as we highlight those coffee brands that just get social media.

Starbucks - Twitter/X

Any brand that can just tweet/post a couple of emojis and garner double the likes and three or four times the volume of views than other posts clearly knows how to speak to their audience.

Whether it’s going viral by hopping on the latest trends or by just tweeting the word “coffee”, Starbucks has mastered their social media presence.

Rave Coffee - TikTok

With the sheer number of brands on social media nowadays, finding a niche for your business is crucial.

Rave Coffee took this opportunity and ran with it, creating a specialist series, “Brew with a View.” Each video saw someone setting up a coffee grinding and brewing station with a lovely scenic backdrop. 

There’s just something so relaxing about heading into the wilderness and getting away from the hustle and bustle of city life, so watching these videos helps transport us to a feeling of wellness, which we can’t get enough of. 

Grind Coffee - Instagram

Any brand that includes pet posts and stunning aesthetic lifestyle shots on its profile is doing social media right.

Grind is a London-based coffee company with a strong goal of providing eco-friendly coffee to people in-store and online. 

With this core, eco-conscious messaging being showcased throughout their social media profiles and some pretty attractive graphics added, Grind is one of those coffee brands you must start following if you want to get your coffee fix online.

Chamberlain Coffee - TikTok

@chamberlaincoffee this cantaloupe mango matcha by @estherscafe is the perfect summer treat #matcha #recipe #barista ♬ original sound - Chamberlain Coffee

We have no idea what goes into some of these drinks, but they look incredible, and we can’t get enough.

Chamberlain Coffee was founded in 2019 by YouTuber Emma Chamberlain and has been consistently present on social media ever since. As a company founded by someone famous on social media (over 12 million YouTube subscribers!), you just know they’re going to nail their socials, and they are.

With aesthetically pleasing post after aesthetically pleasing post, we can’t stop watching everything that appears on the Chamberlain Coffee page. Emma Chamberlain, keep it coming, please!

@chamberlaincoffee introducing the drink of fall: iced chai pumpkin spice oat latte made with @Primal Kitchen unflavored collagen peptides & topped with pumpkin cold foam. head to our stories to get the full recipe… video and recipe by @mydailywellness #pumpkinspice #recipe #barista ♬ original sound - Chamberlain Coffee

What Can We Learn From These Accounts?

If you’re a coffee brand looking to make it on social media, finding your niche and running with it is essential.

Sure, plenty of businesses out there post similar-looking, aesthetically pleasing posts, but they just make it their own, whether that be using a particular colour scheme, a certain typecase overlayed on their videos, or something else entirely.

If you’re just starting out, try a few things and see what sticks. Certain posts may resonate with your audience more than others, so dip your toes into the water and discover what works for you.

If you’re ready to level up your online presence, don’t hesitate to check out our game-changing digital marketing services!