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5 Klaviyo Tips to Get Your Email Strategy Ahead of the Game This Q4

5 Klaviyo Tips to Get Your Email Strategy Ahead of the Game This Q4


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Klaviyo is an SMS and email marketing automation software, driven by customer data. It can be integrated into many platforms, enabling them to track metrics like active on site and viewed products. Klaviyo helps boost efficiency, preventing you from sending campaigns to people who will not interact. This kind of foresight is essential for maximising your Q4 performance.

Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and beyond can be overwhelming for consumers. Use Klaviyo’s features to help your campaigns stand out from the crowd.

In their own words:

“Klaviyo helps growth-focused ecommerce brands drive more sales with super-targeted, highly relevant email, Facebook and Instagram marketing campaigns. Unlike other email or marketing automation solutions, we’re really good at getting data out of your ecommerce platform – whether it’s Shopify, Magento, a custom implementation, or something else. We let you combine that data with website behavior and information from other marketing tools, then use it to target, personalize, analyze, and optimize your marketing”.

The DMT email marketing team are eager to share five of our best Klaviyo tips to get your strategy in tip-top shape for the Q4 promotional period.

1. Price Drop Flow

The price drop flow is a relatively new feature that does exactly what it says on the tin. It alerts customers when products they’ve looked at have lowered in price.

This can make for an easy sale for your e-commerce business. Consumers love a personalised email and are more likely to convert, especially for items they are already interested in. These flows are also a valuable tool for marketers. The messages typically receive high engagement and conversion rates, keeping interest in future emails high.

Lower prices always catch the consumer’s eye, especially if they’re on a product they’ve already considered.

We recommend this flow in particular because of its newness. In the meantime, it’s fairly unique as not all email marketers have set it up yet. Now is a great chance to be ahead of the game.

Price drop flows work best with Shopify e-commerce websites, as they require integrated code for tracking across platforms.

We predict the price drop flow will really come into its own in the Q4 period since so many products are on sale! It’s a great way to personalise each of your consumers’ Q4 experiences and make them feel valued, building long term relationships.

2. Klaviyo Analytics

Building/interpreting reports and improving your performance against industry benchmarks are just two examples of the benefits Klaviyo has to offer your email marketing performance.

At DMT, we create custom reports to see which of our clients’ products have the highest purchase rates. This helps us determine what to promote on campaigns on a monthly basis. We can therefore stay dynamic, promoting both high revenue-generating products and products that need an awareness push to generate more purchases.

Let the data do the talking.

We also use industry benchmarks to help our clients understand how well their email marketing is performing. Consult the Klaviyo website for an in-depth blog on all you need to know in that area.

When it comes to Q4, Klaviyo analytics are really helpful for determining which products might do well on their own during the promotional period, and which may need an extra boost.

3. Email Template Design

Klaviyo allows you to design responsive email templates that look great on any device in minutes – no HTML required. Get started by choosing from several different layout options, then customise to make it your own.

Pre-built email templates are great for businesses just starting out with email marketing on Klaviyo. They can be tailored to suit your brand’s colours and theme.

Templates are also available for basic structure flows. For example, a basic welcome series template would have the email with a discount sent when they sign up, then wait 12 hours and then send a social follow email. These can be adapted by changing the time delay or adding a split if you want to test the effectiveness of different times to see which performs better.

If templates are not your thing, Klaviyo has plenty of courses to learn to build your own emails from scratch.

With the number of offers in the works, Q4 can be a great time to have fun and experiment with your email template design in order to stand out from the crowds of standard promotional emails in your consumers’ inboxes.

Don’t get lost in the inbox crowds this Q4!

4. Back In Stock Flow

Building a Klaviyo back in stock flow alerts customers about inventory if you are using the Shopify or BigCommerce e-commerce platforms. This is ideal if your store tends to have fluctuating stock due to high demand, for example, on a bestselling favourite product. The two important features of this flow are as follows …

  1. When someone subscribes to a restock alert, a ‘subscribed to back in stock’ event will be automatically tracked on their Klaviyo profile. Shoppers enter the flow when they subscribe to a restock alert and wait at a back in stock delay until their item of interest is restocked.
  1. Once your flow is ready and waiting, add the back in stock snippet to your store’s theme files. This snippet will automatically show a “notify me when available” button when items become sold out. When shoppers click this button, they’ll fill out a form and go right into your flow.

If a customer has been waiting until Q4 to purchase a product that they hope will go into discount, but stock is fluctuating, this flow could be essential in ensuring they convert.

5. Increase Volume of Emails

Campaigns run alongside flows, giving subscribers regular updates, offers and information about the company. Typically throughout the year, we recommend between 4 and 8 email campaigns a month.

However, if you are hosting special offers/competitions throughout Q4, then it may be profitable to increase to 10. We highly advise against anything over 12, as this can harm your deliverability. It’s unlikely subscribers will open all the emails you send, and you risk being reported for spam/junk. This can damage your strategy and make your analytics less accurate.

Nobody wants their campaigns to be marked as junk…

If you are holding high discounts in Q4, it is a good idea to remove the discounts from your flows. Always keep flows live, but consider the negative impact running 70% off alongside 10% off as part of your welcome series might have on profitability.

Klaviyo is a great asset to your email marketing campaign. It offers many features for creating, tracking and optimising emails and SMS. Q4 is a great opportunity to pick up more subscribers, as consumers are exploring the market and are open to signing up to email lists to take advantage of offers.

If you are unsure of how to use Klaviyo effectively for your e-commerce business, feel free to contact us about an audit. Check out our services in email marketing to learn more.