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5 Fashion Brands Taking over Instagram

5 Fashion Brands Taking over Instagram




As far as social media goes, Instagram has always and will always reign supreme. Anyone who’s anyone has an Instagram account; if you don’t, you’re doing something wrong. 

According to studies, Instagram reportedly has over 1 BILLION monthly users, and 12.9% of humanity checks their profile monthly. That’s a whole lotta people on one app. And the saying goes, the nicer the feed, the more likely you are to stand out amongst your competitors.

If you’re also an absolute sucker for an aesthetic Insta grid, we’ve got you covered. We’ve chosen some of the need-to-follow fashion brands right now for you to take some inspo from. 

NA-KD - 3.2 Million Followers


NA-KD is a Swedish fashion brand that focuses on more sustainable fashion processes. They manage to keep up to date with the latest trends without compromising the environment. And their social media has undoubtedly been a key factor in the brand's overall success.

Boasting over 3.2 million followers (and counting), their Instagram grid is perfectly aligned with a mixture of lifestyle, influencer and product imagery, creating an aspirational look and feel to the brand. Not only that, they’ve previously collaborated with successful influencers such as @rianne.meijer and specifically tailor their content, so it’s seasonally suitable.

House of Sunny - 621k Followers


House of Sunny is a sustainable fashion brand founded by Sunny Williams. The brand's ethos is creating trend-led clothing with a bohemian and ethical flair. With their stand-out patterns and colourful prints made from recycled fabric, they’ve become a huge hit with influencers. 

Their Instagram feed is perfected with user-generated content, reels and behind-the-scenes snippets of the process that goes into making the garments. Having been featured in the likes of Elle Magazine, Grazia and Vogue (no less), there’s no doubt big things ahead for the Hackney-based indie brand.

Never Fully Dressed - 1.2 Million Followers


Founded in 2009, Never Fully Dressed became the one-stop online shop for on-trend versatile wardrobe staples that can be dressed up or down. After collaborating with the cast of TV’s Made in Chelsea, Never Fully Dressed’s success skyrocketed and catapulted the brand to global popularity.

Their Instagram is a blend of TV personalities and reels, showcasing how to style their versatile pieces and how they can be worn for different occasions. A great way of promoting outfit repetition with a twist!

ASOS - 13.5 Million Followers


Founded in 2000, ASOS has become the go-to place to shop for consumers worldwide. From fashion to beauty products, they’ve continuously dominated the eCommerce market. But in recent years, they’ve also dominated the social media landscape too.

ASOS’ social strategy is a seamless blend of influencer marketing and UGC, and they have a knack for having their finger on the pulse of every social media trend and meme. They also have a strong niche because there is no other brand like them; they cater to all age demographics, sizes and genders - making their socials an inclusive platform.

With over 13 million followers (and counting) on Instagram, they post on average three times a day, so they’re never short of new content! 

I Am Gia - 1.2 Million Followers


The influencer's favourite IT brand, I Am Gia, has made its presence on social media very well known. With their pop culture influence and seemingly aesthetic Instagram grid, it’s safe to say they’ve made a huge name for themselves. Using everyone from micro-influencers to celebrities, they’ve found a way to stand out in a saturated market. 

Who doesn’t love a bit of Y2K nostalgia after all? As long as low-rise jeans stay far out of the picture, we’re all on board. 

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